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Is there anyone using the Dac-V1 with Cd transport. My Cd5i is become faulty and it is not worth to repair. I like the cd5xs but i cant find a piece in the second hand market. Im only listening CD and LP but in the future the Dac-V1 maybe a good choice. I cant find any experience with the Dac-V1 CD transport combo. I hope You can give me some advice. My system components is a Nait Xs with Hicap2 Psu and Proac response D1 speakers. Thank You for Your answers.


If you’re using just CD and LP then I think a replacement dedicated CD player is the best option. A CD5x, CD5xs or better yet, a CDX2 could be a great choice.

What’s the rest of your system?

The V1 does not have an analogue-in. So, on the LP side, you would connect your turntable to your Nait XS via a phono pre amp (assuming that you do this now?)

If your replacement CD player has a digital-out it will function with the V1 (if you keep the NaitXS as the pre amp, the V1 would be set to the fixed-output and the pre-amp in the V1 would be by-passed). But, reflecting Richard’s point, you’d have to demo both options to see whether you prefer the sound vs. using the DAC in the CD player that connects directly to the NatiXS.


I have a project tube box se phono preamp for the turntable. I need the the dac only for the cd transport. I want to keep the NaitXS. I liked the cd5i too but if it has any problem the repair charge is almost the same as a good second hand one. I thought i buy a good dac with a transport and my problem is solved :slight_smile: Maybe is more diffucult. Thank You

Teac have some low cost decent transports. They are wider than a v1 but not full width separates either. While not great players, Teac mechs are very good indeed.

I almost bought one to connect to my NDX while I still had most of my collection to rip but procrastinated so long I finished ripping everything before I got a chance to buy one.

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Curious question posed here!

I don’t have any experience with the setup you describe however I do own a NAIT XS (-2 fascia upgrade version) and used to use that with a HiCap DR.

The setup I currently have includes a CD5 XS which has the benefit of a BNC S/PDIF output which I connect using a Naim DC-1 digital IC to a ND5 XS 2, this means I keep the CD player as a transport and can use the DAC in the ND 5 XS 2. That system has a SN2 integrated.

So a combination of CD player with digital output + a streamer is one option and in my case works nicely and keeps the CD player handy if I want to just spin a disc.

Another option for you could be a first generation Uniti with a CD player built in such as a Unitilite, Uniti 2 or from the current Uniti range the Uniti Star.

This would give you a nice one box solution replacing both your CD5i and NAIT XS and adding some nice features like Internet Radio and streaming if your needs took you in that direction. Compared to the NAIT XS based system you have today I’d expect the sound to be comparable and in some cases an improvement, certainly with a Uniti Star which is a very nice product, I almost got one myself to replace my NAIT XS + CD5 XS.

I can’t imagine a DAC-V1 will be a suitable solution, it’s primarily intended as a desktop/computer system having both a USB input (playing music from a computer) as well as an integrated headphone amp and is intended to be paired with a NAP100 power amp to give a flexible and compact desktop system. It also lacks any analogue inputs.
Integrating that sort of system with either a NAIT or CD + Vinyl sources is not what it’s designed for ultimately.

You should find a reasonable quantity of the first generation Uniti integrated products available on the used market, certainly over the last couple of years as owners moved to the current generation of Uniti products that pushed them out for second and third owners to enjoy!

Conclusion, I’d take a radical approach and let your current kit go and replace with a Uniti based system for simplicity given your desire to keep CD and vinyl as your primary sources.

If funds allow you could do a lot worse than the current Uniti Star which has a built in CD player, Analogue inputs for vinyl source and a 70W integrated amplifier giving a nice uplift on what is achievable from your current NAIT XS @ 60W. You also get a very good entry to the world of digital including Internet radio and services like Tidal and Qobuz.

For a CD transport to connect to the V1, or any quality DAC, I highly recommend the Olasonic Nano CD1, available online for 560 USD. As the name implies, it is a very small unit, with RCA coax and toslink outputs. Evidently it was designed by a group of former Sony engineers. The sound quality is really quite special, easily better than the digital output from any stand-alone CD player I have tried, including the Rega Apollo-R, for example. I have also used it with nDAC and the Resonessence Mirus Pro–outstanding SQ in every instance. Having no extraneous digital circuitry for a DAC section really seems to lower the noise floor, etc.

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Sorry for my late come back. Thank You for your answers, You helped me a lot. Finally I bought a Superuniti on ebay from hi-fi corner. Im trying to discover all new functions for me like bluetooth upnp internet radio. At home the wifi is not too stable for some funcions. I can route an ethernet cable in the wall from the router to the superuniti. Wich is the recommended ethernet cable for this project? Cat6, Cat7? The required length is approximately 25foot. Thank You

Hi, a regular Cat5e cable will be fine. There are endless discussions here about the merits of different Ethernet cables, but I would just go for a regular, certified Cat5e or Cat6. Probably best to avoid the very cheap cables from ebay as I have found that the quality can be poor.

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Cat 5e from Blue Jeans Cables (just under $20 for 25ft) and avoid audiophile substitutes. Each BJC cable comes with a Fluke test certificate so you know it will work perfectly. You can use their Cat 6a if you need shielding, but I’d be amazed if they sounded better.

I use Cat 6a in the wall and Cat 5e patch leads for HiFi kit. I only use qualified (Fluke tested) cable. Everything works superbly. I tried one audiophile cable and found it dropped bits, got my money back (AQ Vodka).

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Check out the Heed Audio Obelisk DT CD Transport (in black). It can’t touch the quality of Naim CD players, but if you’re looking for a decent shoebox CD transport to go with a DAC-V1 or UQ2, it’s just the right size.

+1 on Blue Jeans Cables. Serious pro-audio quality cables. No nonsense, no BS. I have a bunch of their SPDIF & ethernet cables.

Unitiserve second hand could be an option for transport to DAC V-1.

I am quite happy with a Musical Fidelity M1CDT (but it is quite new, only three-month old.) I had problems of reliability and support with my previous Cyrus CD T. Good luck.

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