CD upgrade?

Hello everyone. Current system is a supernait 2 and n272 with an old marantz cd player as a transport playing through focal 926. I am about to upgrade the amp to a 250dr. I’m interested in views about changing the cd player for a naim one. Would this improve cd sound rather than using the dac in the 272? If so which cd player -cd5i, cd5si, cdx2 etc etc ( second hand for some I know). Thanks, Mark

You could get a new Naim CD, although only one model, it is a very good machine. The older ones are fine, but parts are starting to run out.
You could also try a transport only. There are a few ‘cheaper’ models from Audiolab, Cyrus and Leak. Some more expensive machines from Cyrus, ATC and Bel Canto.
The regular chant on these channels, go and have a listen.

I had my CD5X serviced last year. Although the mech was fine, I don’t think there would have been a problem replacing it (unlike my older CD2, which I had serviced a bit later - mech still ok - but when it goes, the CD2 goes).

Both still sound fab.

Having a 272 you only really need a transport I wish Naim made one. I just wonder how good a DVD would be in these circumstances?

I’d question why, with a 272, you need a CDP at all. The money spent on a CDP maybe could be better used on an XPSDR.

I’d avoid any $12 DVD player used as CD transport, crap IME.

If Naim I’d stick to CD5XS/psu or CDX2, these are very good, miles better than entrylevel CD5i/CD5Si, but you may check if supported.

If looking outside Naim.?
Rega or Roksan is a good bet.

Hi @Sedge1 , I’d stick with what you’ve got, or save for a PS. I had (still have) a CD5XS and used to have a 272/XPSDR. To my ears the best SQ from CDs came from ripping and streaming them, then CD5XS as transport into 272 digital input, then CD5XS into 272 analogue input. The differences were quite subtle and the PS on the 272 might have affected results, so YMMV, but I seriously doubt you’d find it worthwhile to invest in a Naim CD player below CDX2 level.

Look for a nice used XPS would be my recommendation.



Thank you for your thoughts, very interesting. In the time after I posed my question, I spoke to the retailer supplying the 250dr. He suggested a server rather than replace the cd transport / player! He is suggesting that I look into the innuos zenmini or zen. Could you comment on your experience - I’m on with computers but not particularly technical. I’m sure i can use the innuos burn cds and use the app from what I’ve seen online but that’s probably a limit to my skills! I understand that it needs hardworking to the network.
Thanks, Mark

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