CD3.5 officially dead - Replacement pls

Hello ,
I posted few months back about my 3.5 and the 1205 mechanism, tried to fix it twice, once with a dodgy 1205 from China and the 2nd from Liberty , but both didn’t work.

The agent here talked me not to try again , he said shipping it to the UK and back here would cost much while it might not even be the VAM1205.

I understand from reading the forums that the CD5 / 5I are not good replacements , while the CD5X is , your thoughts pls ?

System is NAc90/92 and Naim speakers that was in the store room for many years, just can’t wait to hear my CDs again :slight_smile:

I’m leaning towards the 5X, just want to be sure it is fully compatible with my system and would you think it’s a good idea to buy original mechanism for parts so i won’t get into the VAM1205 situation again…


What about a CDX? They go for around GBP 500 and keeps you in the Olive spectrum.

CD5X is regarded higher than the 5i, but I’m not sure about the CD5.

I do have the 5i, and it spins a disk but I’m not a huge fan of it.

I can’t see any CDX for sale and not sure about it as it uses the VAM1205 as well.

I just missed a CD3.5+ Flat Cap , hesitated cause of the VAM1205 again…

Check signals for a nice serviced cds2

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The cd5si bought last year was my introduction to Naim and I love it. The drawer mechanism and build inspire confidence following on from a flimsy Arcam. However just like vinyl the sq is dictated by the quality of the disc you play.

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The CD5 is a great machine. Oh, I have one :grinning:
The only problems are firstly, I’m not so sure there are any transports left at Naim if you need to replace one in the future, and secondly, it has no digital out if you were interested in upgrading with a seperate DAC in the future.

What’s the approx price for one? and how do they compare to the CD5X?

I’m just thinking , should I avoid the machines with VAM1205?

Sorry…saw it,

CDS2 uses VAM1205?
I know CDS does.

CDS2 vs CD5X ? thoughts?

Its on the dutch audio classics list.

Edit: I’d not surprised if there are exceptions around …

CDS used a CDM4 Pro mech. CDS2 used the VAM1205. Either player performs superbly, but if you’re worried about replacement mech availability then may not be the best bet…

Well, it is just the experience I had with the 3-5…it might be it is not even the VAM1205.

Maybe not, but of course the only way you’ll know for sure is to have it looked at by the Naim service dept…

True , the agent here was actually very nice and in a long phone con thought it wont be a good idea to send it to England and back after I failed to fix it twice…

There is more to replacing the mechanism than just replacing it. You also need to adjust the alighment, preferably using an oscilloscope. The last replacement 1205 mechanism we had installed (which was authentic NOS did not play at ALL-until it was correctly aligned. The after market 1205 lack the shielding the original ones had, so may not offer the same level as performance.

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