Cd3 connection with naim dac

Hello everybody.
I think not but I wanted to know, but can a naim cd3 be connected to the naim ndac?
thanks and happy Christmas holidays to all


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Only the later CDX2 with digital out.

The CD3 is a lovely player just as it is. Highly characterful, but hugely enjoyable too.

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Richard, CD3 owner here. What interconnect would you recommend with it?

Right now, I have an old adapter (can’t even recall how I first obtained it) that allows me to run RCA cables from the CD3 out to the preamp (RCA). I’d like to run balanced (DIN out to XLR in) if possible.

Any suggestions are welcome!

All Naim gear is unbalanced, so I think you’d be better off getting a decent DIN to RCA cable, or whatever unbalanced input your amp has.

I’d use either Naim’s own lavender grey DIN - RCA Phono interconnect (see FAQ) or else a late version Chord Chrysalis DIN-RCA interconnect. If you want something better then a Hi-line DIN-RCA would be my choice.

Thanks, Richard. I hadn’t realized the Hi-line would work on a CD3, that’s good to know.

Also, I thought in your description of the interconnects you recommended a later black version vs the lavender grey as the former offered better sound. Did I misread your post?

That’s the SNAICs, not the interconnects.

Got it - thanks

Thanks, Chris. In looking at the used market for the Hi-Fi DIN cable I see they don’t come up too often (at all) in the DIN to RCA configuration.

I guess you may need to be a little patient if you want a used one, but Naim and Chord have been making them for years.

Yes - I’ll need to think on this. Thanks to you and Richard for weighing in here.

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