CD3 player not always working (the celotape trick)

I’ve got a secondhand CD3 player as part of my Naim system. Amazing quality sound, BUT some CDs don’t load. I put them in, put the magnetic puck on top and there’s a whining noise and it won’t play.

I’ve found a fix - I ‘thicken’ the middle of the CD with a bit of celotape and it works.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a less bodgy fix to it?

Yep, had the exact same problem with cd3.5. The solution is a new puck (magnetic clamp). They are available but not sure if forum rules allow me to say where from. Stop putting tape on the disc, you run the risk of unbalancing it.

In the meantime carefully turn the rubber feet of the puck to use a fresh part of them. Also, take the puck and cd out when finished listening and leave the puck feet up.

Do you mean CDS3? I have one of these and the pucks last me about 3 months before they need teasing out again. I have been through 5 in less than 12 months! I never leave the CDs in but do play a lot of music in it.

As well as the clamp - see Graeme’s post above - with the CD3 the CDM9 mech is very robust apart from having one achilles heel; the platter can eventually slip down the spindle. If it goes too far then the laser can no longer read the disc properly. So, if you find that a new or “refreshed” clamp no longer works, it’s worth checking to see if the platter has dropped. If so, there’s a relatively easy fix documented on the 'net.

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When I had a CD player I too used to encounter the slippery or squashed rubber problem. After turning a few times and dabbing with blutak to remove any dust etc, I found the best solution was simply to change the rubbers. These can be eased off with tweezers and replaced likewise together with a needle slipped through the centre of the rubber to stop it springing off. Obviously this can’t be done on the pucks used on the original CDS where the rubber is bonded to the puck.

If you wish to try swapping them yourself, you could always write to Naim Audio and ask if they’d let you have some replacements.

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