CD3 Remote

Quick question - are there any of these remotes available any longer? If not, is there a proper replacement/substitute?

When I worked at the factory I recall there was a box of the old CD3 remotes in stores, but I have no idea whether there are any left. A call to your dealer or to Naim will find out fo sure. Otherwise, you could try one or two of the more likely Naim dealers who specialise in secondhand Naim kit. They crop up at auction from time to time, too. However, any Naim Narcom, Flash or R-Com remote will work them too, so your options are pretty wide.

Thanks, Richard. I’m here in the States and don’t have a NAIM dealer. I’ll call NAIM directly on Monday.

You may want to contact Focal Naim America to find out who would be a local/regional dealer in your area would be that could answer your question regarding the CD3 Remote.

Focal Naim America

Focal Naim America Main Office

Toll free: 800.663.9352

If you have a remote but it’s no longer working or some keys won’t work, you may be able to revive the remote.
Many years ago, I spilt a cup of tea over a TV remote, rendering the remote “sticky” with several numerical keys and the volume down buttons not working.
I carefully opened the remote, managed to remove the rubberised keys and discovered lots of grime, tea, grease etc. between the rubber keys and the circuit board. I cleaned it all off with a damp cloth and after reassembling it all, it worked.

Thanks. In my case I’ve just lost it somewhere over the 20+ years I’ve owned the CD3. It is getting on - the back of the unit is starting to peel away.

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