CD3 Squeaky Door

Hi, I’ve picked up an Olive CD3 which is great except it seems to have a squeaky door, slightly on opening but more so on closing. Can I open it and put a drop of oil on the hinge? Will that fix it?

Potentially, yes - you may not have to remove the cover if it’s the lower bearing that is squeaky, as it can be accessed from the underside of the chassis.
The top one would be a cover off job though.


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Thanks Neil, how do I access the lower one from the bottom? Is there a hole?

It sits flush with the bottom of the chassis just behind the row of screws that secure the front panel. I can’t find a picture though.
Please note that this only applies to the CD3 - not the CD3-5.
Edit: just remembered that only the earlier players had the exposed bearing too! Yours may not have that arrangement if the tray around the transport has a painted matt finish.



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