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I pulled out an old CD5 which I haven’t used in a while. It recognizes, reads, and plays CDs, but there is no output. Last time I used this player it was paired with a Flatcap 2. Now I am trying to use it as a standalone. I have tried different DIN to RCA cables (with UnitiLite and UnitiQute 2B) and Naim DIN to DIN cables (with Nait 1, NAC42/NAP 110), to no avail. Any thoughts or suggestions for addressing this would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Does it need a Link Plug fitted…?

Hope you still have it…?

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Sorry to ask this, is the link plug you removed to power it by the flatcap now back in place?

Actually, would it even power on without one?

Yes, it would power up all bar the analogue output stage, which either needs the paddle link plug in place or else a dedicated power supply connected, otherwise you will get no sound output.


Yes, forgot to mention that the paddle link plug is connected.


Ah… Switch off and try plugging the link plug in and out a few times. Leave it plugged in and then switch on and try playing a disc again. If no joy then it could be a failure somewhere. @NeilS may have some ideas there.

Unusual for a CD5 to have audio problems - is the paddle link correctly oriented & covering the socket next to it?


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Yes, the paddle link plug is correctly oriented and covering the socket next to it. Still not getting any output.


Do you still have the Flatcap and SNAIC5 cable to try with your CD5 ? Might be worth a go.

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Unfortunately I no longer have the Flatcap,

Not sure if this is possible with yours but CD5si had no sound when I installed it and had to use the remote with these functions to select what output to use.

Every day is a school day. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
It’s the only time I’ve had no output.
I looked for the CD5 manual but it got cross referenced to mine. :roll_eyes:

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One thing I have noticed is that when I turn the CD5 on, unplug the output cable in the back and then plug it in again, there is a change in the sound through the speakers–a small bump in volume or background noise, quiet but noticeable. So it appears that there is an output signal from the player, but no music, despite the fact that it is reading and playing CDs.

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