CD5 player not turning on

I’ve recently bought Naim equipment and have thoroughly enjoyed the sound. I purchased a used CD5 and it was working perfectly fine. After a few weeks the CD player just did not turn on, no lights, no sound. I haven’t made any changes to the location or connections.
Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

If it appears completely dead then you should check the IEC inlet fuse. Hopefully there’s a spare in there, but if not you should replace with the exact same make and type. Your Naim dealer or distributor should be able to help.


Thanks Richard. Right on the mark.
I wrote to the original owner and they suggested the same thing - the fuse was indeed blown. There was a fuse in the packaging (2.0A, 250V), not original but the same size. Fixed now!

I’d appreciate if you could tell me the exact specs for the fuse, for future.
Thanks again.

It will depend on the voltage of the transformer. I think you’re Stateside so it will be a 115V transformer, in which case the fuse is a T2A from Littelfuse.

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