CD5 power supply

Evening Naimers
Just a quick question can a CD5 be powered by a Hicap? The reason I ask as I’m sure your aware, the power from the Flatcap to the CD5 is 22 volts and the supply from the Hicap would be 24volts. Is this possible?


Yes, you can use a Hicap in place of a Flatcap here. 24V is fine, although the Flatcap 2 output B was specifically optimised for the CD5 and 22v found to be just right.

I put a factory refurbished Olive HiCap on my CD5. No small change. And all for the better.

You’re about to hear what a CD5 can really do.

I ran a CD5 with HC many years ago and it was a superb player. A pretty dramatic improvement from the FC2 I started with. Enjoy!

Is your plan to put a HC on your CD5 and put both outputs of your FC2 onto the 152XS?

My understanding of ‘the Naim approved way’ would be that output B of the FC2 powers your CD5, output A power upgrade 1 on the pre. HC powers upgrade 2 on the pre.

Stageline on Aux2.

Never thought of doing it that way. I think when it arrives I will have to have a play around to see what suits.


I was under the impression that only the earlier Flatcap 2 had a 22V supply, and the 2X just had 2 identical 24V supplies, in which case you can use it however you want. I’m sure Richard will know better than me, perhaps he can confirm?

I once had a CD5x, the successor to your player. I tried a Hicap on it and it sent the player into overdrive, completely manic. A Flatcap 2x, on the other hand, was just lovely, adding a bit of life that the bare player perhaps lacked, and that’s what I bought.

As Chris says, the Hicap on the preamp upgrade 1, and the Flatcap on the CD player and preamp upgrade 2, may give the best result.

Yes, Flatcap2 had 22v on output B, whereas with the flatcap 2x, both supplies were the same and 24v.

I only mentioned this because @Mickyh has, according to his system profile, a 2X.

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Oh blimey that’s caught me out. I was sure it was a FC2 when I looked, hence I blatted on about output B and output A.

Anyway, same difference, sort of.

Don’t tear yourself apart! The OP did mention the 22V thing, it’s just that I happened to look at his system info and saw that he says it’s a 2X.

The CD5x was a bit more manic than the CD5 to begin with though, think I’d still stick the HC on the CD5 - source first and all that. The good news is that the OP can play around and see what works best for their ears. :grinning:

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