CD5 XS Problem when turning it on

My first post. I bought a second hand XS system last year that includes a CD5 XS, Nait 5 XS, DAC, and Flatcap XS. Overall I have been very pleased with all aspects of its performance but I have recently discovered a problem with the CD5 XS player. As per Naim instructions I have always left the system powered up except for when I have been away an a number of occasions for a long weekend/short breaks when I would turn off each of the components using the rear on/off switches then the mains block that they are all plugged into.

The problem relates to only the CD player. When I first turn it on using the main on off switch, with or without a CD inserted the Play button will flash for a minimum of 23 seconds, sometimes up to 32 seconds before it stops flashing and only then can I play a CD. Once its up and running it sounds great, loads/reads the TOC nearly instantly, never skips and appears to function correctly.

An long retired electrical engineer friend kindly had a quick look inside and disconnected the transport and the problem was still apparent. He did a visual check of the boards and could not see anything untoward. He reconnected the transport and the problem remained. Send it back to Naim was his recommendation.

I spoke with a chap from Naim support who thought that it sounded like the transport. He advised that I should take it to my (not so local) Naim dealer and book it in for them to get it to Naim to diagnose and hopefully fix.

Has anyone had a similar issue or could point me in the right direction before I take it for repair? Many thanks in anticipation. R.

Welcome R.

I’m sorry to read this. I haven’t had a similar experience but do own the same CD player. Would I be right to think that the CD5XS is connected to the dac when your reported fault happens? If so, then what happens if you power up the CD player on its own?


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Hi Chris, the fault happens when the player is both connected and when it is unconnected. I’ve tried all the different combinations with and without the other system components but it is still the same unfortunately. Many thanks for your response. :+1:

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Okay, understood.

First let me say that I don’t have a DAC. But if you do, you have to flick a switch on the back of the CD player to s/pdif. (My understanding is that this should always be done with the player off). So if you are attempting to fire up the bare player the switch should be in the other position, if that makes any sense?

I’m just trying to rule out the flashing being something about how the player talks to the dac.

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I have just now tried that option and unfortunately no change. I’ve actually sold my DAC after it developed a fault during the update process. I had to send it back to Naim who very kindly fixed it free of charge (replaced a chip apparently) so I have been using it ‘as is’ since then. Thanks for your assistance. :+1:

Given that this issue only occurs when you turn the CD player on, and that you don’t normally turn it off, is it really that much of a problem? I say this because Naim have always recommended that their CD players are only returned for service if absolutely necessary due the the risk of damage in transit. So perhaps better to live with it for now if it doesn’t affect the performance of the player.


Hi ChrisSU,
I was thinking of upgrading and didn’t want to exchange/sell if it has a fault/issue. If I was going to keep it, like you, it wouldn’t/hasn’t bothered me. I believe that honesty is the best policy in a case like this.

Yes, I think it’s best to be honest as a seller. Still, is a 30 second startup time after power up really a fault?

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I don’t think that it was designed to take that long so something is wrong or faulty in my humble opinion. If I sold it privately and didn’t inform the new buyer they would have every right to ask for their money back and if I passed it to a dealer as a part x I don’t think they would be happy either. I like sleeping soundly Chris :smiley:

I’ve just purchased a CD5XS from my dealer and so far very happy with it. I have however had an issue trying to use it as a transport into my 272. But after a quick call to the dealer I think that’s now resolved (operator error apparently). I don’t think a 30second start up delay is much of a problem, and probably in line with most computer start times.

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I am delighted to hear that Pete although my instincts tell me to get it fixed or at least checked over by Naim, unfortunately at a cost.

Keep us informed as I’m interested to see what they say. :+1:

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I will do, however it might be some time before my not so local Naim dealer is open again.

I’m not disputing that it’s good to be honest with potential buyers. I do think it would be worth checking that the 30 second startup time is actually abnormal behaviour, and yes, if it’s cause for concern, either get it fixed, or tell the buyer about it so that they can make an informed decision about it.
It would be useful to understand what the flashing means, there is probably a simple explanation. Perhaps @NeilS would know?

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Hi Guys,

It is normal for the cd5xs to flash the play button when instructed to play during the period when it is waiting for its mute to lift. However, it is not normal to flash when there is no disc loaded.
Does a loaded disc continue to spin when you open the tray?



Thanks Chris, your prompt to NeilS has now solved a problem that really wasn’t there. Just my understanding (or lack of) the machines’ operating procedure. No disc when powered up, no flashing. Insert disc and it reads TOC immediately and plays when asked to do so.
Many thanks for your help it is very much appreciated.

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Thanks for you help NeilS. I can now rest easy and not worry about part x/sell as you have confirmed that this is normal operation. Very much appreciated. :+1:

Glad to hear you have it figured out now! These odd flashing lights and error codes are usually not in the manual.

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