CD5 XS service after upgrade to SN2

Hi there peeps, my first post on here, so go easy on me please :slightly_smiling_face:
I recently upgraded my Nait XS 2 for a Supernait 2, yes late to the party i know.
During the course of swapping the XS 2 out i realised that my CD5 XS is a 2009 model. It still sounds great, but i was wondering if it might benefit from a service at this age in it’s life ? I do have a complete spare transport for it if needed.
Any comments much appreciated.

Add an nDac :slight_smile:

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My understanding is unlike amps, CD players do not benefit from periodic services.
The risk/ reward of transporting the player to a service dept is not in favour of the customer.
If it still sounds good , hang fire until or if it needs an actual repair, then some service elements could be carried out.


The CD player will be absolutely fine. Only get it looked at if it goes wrong. Coupled with your Flatcap, it’s a lovely player. I don’t know what your plans are, but I wouldn’t be tempted to try powering the SN2 with the Flatcap. The SN2 already has an inbuilt DR supply for the preamp, and the Flatcap will likely make things worse. It does great things for the CDP of course.


I had a feeling the deck would be ok, just wasn’t 100% shure.
Don’t worry, the Flatcap XS is only powering the CD5 XS now, i’ve got no intention of hooking it up to the SN2.
In fact, i’m liking the SN2 so much i might not even go down the Hicap DR route.


Just enjoy it for now, a hicap can come later if you’re curious but yes sn2 “bare” is still a lot of amp, and a noticeable step up from xs.

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The “step up” is very very noticeable lol…just wish i had done it sooner.
I just did a lookup on the age of the Flatcap XS i have, 2009. I’m wondering if that may warrant a service at 14 years old ?

It’s about the right time, try Darran at Class A in Sheffield.
Or Salisbury if you want the official “air” added.


Lol :laughing: Yep, i would have cried if i had paid full wack for this to find out there was so little in it.

I’ m aware that CD player May benefit of service. I did my '09 CDX 2-2 a few years ago which seemed a bit “off” compared to previous CD5X.
Tour impression of SN2 vs Nait XS2?


I wouldn’t fret too much about the space inside - imagine it squidged into Hicap casework - it would look pretty good I reckon. Think of it as a sightly lower spec Hicap but with better internal component separation :wink:


the perfect scenario for nDAc,
no need to waste your money for psu and service at this stage.
Actually I’d sell that useless flatsound powering your amp
Get the proper psu later for the nDAC

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Agreed no routine service necessary for CD5 etc. Keep it if you can. It is how you know the streamer is working to potential. CD always does, I find. :sunglasses:

Nice to upgrade to the Supernait 2. I have one too and an older XS2. The XS2 is like the enthusiastic puppy, keen to please and a great little fun amp. The SN2 is smoother, has more detail and more polite in its sound. You can listen to it for hours. Got a CD5xs as well with a Flat Cap. Great CD player.

Yes, they are/were great players
In fact one of my favorites added a Flatcap.

Yes, not Naim’s finest hour cabinet wise, they should have placed electronics in a half width box, probably not done due to aesthetics match needed for other XS range.
I’d just ignore the empty box, I have one myself and it never bothers me.

Fingers crossed your CD5XS keep running, not sure Naim support these players any longer as spares are scarce.
I went through this scenario and decided to flog my Naim CD players and went Rega which are fully supported.

A half width box would not have performed as well (big advantage of space from Tx), wouldn’t have saved much money (or would have cost a lot more if a shoebox extruded case was used), and so using the existing 3 and 5 series casework was the logical choice, especially as it was an aesthetic match with the range.


As a Northerner by birth and upbringing now long resident in Wiltshire, I could make a very pointed comment about the air in South Yorkshire compared to that in Wiltshire. But I won’t.



It was a joke prompted by the amount of empty space in a flatcap. If I have to explain it ….


Yes, I understood, liked and enjoyed your comment. I was simply riffing on it. All part of the fun of the forum.


If Darran at Class A services the Flatcap, every time you switch it on, there will be a soft ‘By Eck’ sound heard from the speakers. Just for a second. It’s normal, nothing to worry about.