CD555 and CDS3 for 252/300

Hi, anyone used CD555 with 252/300, is this too overwhelming if just partner with 252/300 ?
And do you think if CDS3 is pretty enough for 252/300 ?
FYI, I’m already a owner of CDS3/252/300, and will not consider upgrading to 552/500.

I have upgraded from a CDS3/XPS DR to CD555/555 DR x2 and the difference is more in the way the music is controlled. The resolution is greater but the CDS3 is no slouch here. I see no reason why a 252/300 would be a bad match. The CD555 to my ears is very neutral and has rendered every one of my awkward recordings more listenable. Those CD’s with overblown bass or ones that can be too bright seem to be much more controlled now. I would not buy a CD555 expecting a massive jump in HiFi detail over the already amazing CDS3, buy it for the control and improved musicality.

I used a CDS3 with 552/300 and it was excellent. I’ve always thought the CDS3 was more musical than the CD555. One thing you could do is to use a PS555 with the CDS3, which will make it more lively, which is how I had mine. That would open the door to a comparison with the 555 head unit if you later wanted to try one.

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Having owned exactly that combo with both options, here’s my take on it. The 252/300 was lovely with the CDS3, very balanced and did little wrong. I added a CD555 and lived with it for a short time, which was enough for me to get a handle on what it was doing. After a skipping issue with the CD555 i decided to give it back and ordered a 552 instead. It was by far and away the better choice and elevated the system to heights the former could not hope to climb. The CDS3/552/300 was as far as i went up the Naim ladder and was sublime. I still have the CDS3 with a much more humble partner these days, but the 552 was phenomenal in what it allowed the rest of the system to do, and displayed both how good the CDS3 was and how much the 252 was holding back.


I have used a CDS3 with a 252/300 since 2004 with excellent results. In my view a definite sweet spot in the Naim range. That said I prefer my LP12 which is by far my most used source. I have no plans at present to upgrade, but a 552 nags in the background for me.


Hi all, would appreciate if anyone can also share the difference of presentation in between CD555 v.s CDS3/555PS.

I prefer the presentation of the CDS3 to the CD555 but there is no denying that the 500 level CDP is a technological tour de force and and has resolving power far in excess of a CDS3.

I have heard CD555/555PS and CDS3/XPS2 through 252/300 at my dealer in the same session . There is a big difference and the 252/300 can handle it and exploit it - according to my ears. This was not unexpected.

Anyone can share the presentation details for the actual combination of below:

-CD555 / 555PS
-CDS3 / 555PS

555 non DR or 555DR?

Non dr please

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