CD555 Broken Spindle Cover (again)

I have just fallen victim of a broken spindle cover! It happened as I removed a CD. I see that I am not the first victim - there was a thread back in March started by Diver41.

Did you manage to get it resolved without shipping the whole unit back to NAIM?

Many thanks for any help!

Here are some pics:

image image

Hmmm …

That was where the old thread left it, but I wondered if @Diver41 had any more luck after that?

Plastic match for 26 years with my CDI,bullet proof in comparison

I have to agree with you there. I still have my CDI from 1993 and although it is connected to my “second” system, I can see it being brought back into use. I always preferred the CDI to a later CDS3 that I purchased (which was moved on in to eventually be replaced with the CD555). Whilst the CDI has none of the subtleties of the 555, it has plenty of rhythm and pace. :grinning:

I think you have been unlucky. Stocks at Salisbury hopefully still available. I wonder if these plastic parts harden with age? Naim may be sympathetic, worth an ask.

Just spoke to NAIM technical department. It does need to go back to NAIM, but it would be included in a standard service (no extra cost).

On the bright side, my 555 is 2008 vintage, so a service is well due. :grinning:


That’s what I did when my plastic bit broke and I was very happy I did… :slight_smile: It became an excuse to get the whole system done (I bought all the bits together) .

You will get a better CD player when it comes back after a Naim service. Apart from the spindle repair you will get a minor software upgrade I expect. Mine had a new metal gear to lift the lid. The origional was plastic and mine failed so the lid was stuck in the closed position.

Hi guys,
Yes I had the same problem with the broken part last year and as my Player and PSU both had service only 5years previous I naturally was reluctant to pay the replacement laser mech and service so early in the piece–plus the cost was around the £1K mark if I recall.
I was able to source the original part --I bought 2 one as spare–it works perfectly and will last me till next full (due)service --which I am happy to pay for.
Yes as per my comments in the other thread I was perturbed at the service fee for a simple replacement £10 piece of Plastic composite–it seems strange that Naim does not carry this simple item for those that have had full service and laser replaced(I have)as recently as I’ve indicated.
My Player is operating to full spec again.I do endorse though if you have the broken spindle part AND your service is due or over time , I’d definitely send to Naim for complete peace of mind.


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Good work finding those - where did you source from?

I can find a US distributor but the mailing costs are excessive!

Interesting to hear that you found the part. They have quoted £560 for the service and no extra cost to replace the part. Therefore I am thinking that it might be just tricky to do rather than needing much of the mechanism changed?

You are right though and I have known a service was due. I am thinking about also taking the opportunity to get the 555PS serviced and upgraded to DR at the same time. So overall a much bigger investment - but I hopefully it will be worthwhile.

Might be worth a phone call to Darren at Class A?

Yes I think that would be the best avenue Gavin–get the service DR Upgrade ( a must !) and a factory bill of health.
That pricing includes the full Laser replacements well ? --wow!–cheaper than my quotation.

In deference to the Naim Folks better I don’t post the source for the VAM parts–but I’ll say
I think Clive B has it sorted --it is in the US.


These are available in the US from a company that services juke box’s which employ the same transport. Not sure if i can name company here. The cost is 35.00 US. A google search should get you there. Not sure what it costs to ship to UK. Putting it on the spindle takes all of 3 seconds. I have done it twice.


Yes, that’s what I paid to get a spare. The company I ordered from (not sure if it is the same) calls it a STANDARD CD PRO CENTERING HUB.

The standard registered shipping to the UK is expensive but when I asked, they said they could send it First Class USPS. Much cheaper but obviously not tracked etc. I trust it will arrive some time…


Thank you, I have ordered one. It will at least get me up and running until I get a date back for my service/DR.

And we all lived happily ever after! :innocent:


We should with working CD555s! Thanks again for your help with this.