CD555 broken "Spindle Cover"

Just checked mine and it has a crack in it - so I guess it is ready to fall apart. It probably explains something I have been experiencing. It has seemed to me that more CDs than before have a slightly smaller hole and have required pushing down to lie flat. Now, perhaps that has actually been the case and doing so has cracked the plastic. On the other hand, maybe the crack has slightly enlarged the spindle and made it more difficult to locate CDs. Either way it seems like a fault waiting to happen. If there’s any update on obtaining the part, please post it here.


Hi again Guys, Wow–this ship is full of similar cases re the part–thanks to all who replied

I’ve sent notes off to Tot Tom /Duncan at Naim–but with the lockdown just have to sit it out .

Noted the matchup suggestions -will try the Loctite Plastics adhesive in the interim .

That’s about all I can do I feel at the moment–at least it’ll take ones mind of the crisis around us.

Grateful to the Chaps :slightly_smiling_face:


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Just to clarify, Naim do not hold any stock of these parts. Currently a broken platter means complete mech replacement.

3D printing is an interesting idea.


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As far as I know, Naim buy/bought these mechs so aren’t to blame for the spindle cover failures. TBH, it being classed as a ‘pro’ mech, you’d expect a part like that be machined from a block of metal as it must have handle some pretty high forces during use.

The idea that whole mech has to be junked because of this one part seems very wasteful. I hope that Naim have been keeping hold of any mechs that have suffered broken spindle covers in the event that a replacement part can 3D printed and keep these brilliant players going a good while longer.

I see plenty of CD555s in use via various forums so I can’t be the only owner who has concerns about Naim one day saying ‘that’s it, no more mechs’ and the CD555 no longer being serviceable. One poster has had 4 mechs alone - that’s a frightening number.

Obviously you can ignore all of the above if Naim have a few hundred of these mechs lying around taking up valuable factory space…

For a temp fix till you can perhaps source a new one, try Devcon 5 min epoxy to glue it together which allows time for alignment before setting, best to avoid using any kind of CA


Oh Really?-- That is a real downer–all over a 20P piece of Plastic??

On precision a instrument like that --sadly disappointing

And if Naim have no Replacements left?–I have an expensive Boat Anchor

My memory goes back to Pink Triangle Orelle/Musical Fidelity Drives /etc.

Woe is moi :anguished:


Thank you ordered The Devcon 5 to try


Hi Neil,

Naim folklore (said around the time the CD555 was released IIRC) is that for every CD555 made, Naim kept a spare mech. All of the above commentary around the broken caps (and in one case need for multiple replacements) does seem a tad worrying for some of us who haven’t had a replacement mech yet.

Another voter here to derive a solution to the ‘cap issue’.

When I’ve seen a cracked cap (and it was very slight), I’d assumed something underneath (e.g. the drive spindle?) had got out of whack but from what’s been said above this may not be the cause?

I’m sure an update down the line would be appreciated by many around here.

With thanks (and expectations!),


p.s. this could be a case of ‘name your price’ e.g. how many toilet rolls does the factory need? ….and we’re talking the extra soft stuff here not the Izal rough stuff. I’ll put Private Walker to work :wink:

Hmmm, So going on what’s evident from posters above --I’m especially piqued by news of the gentleman whom has had 4 lasers replaced!-- so that means 3 of us will miss out when the crunch comes --like my situ if that is true to form. Guess I’ll hear the truth when the factory reopens, but I fear the worst case scenario. Yes you can glue it but hey who wants a glued part to keep music playing.

Its turning into a right can of worms–I think I’ll have a cuppa tea and a lie down :roll_eyes:


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Maybe for all of the mechs that get replaced without the broken spindle Naim can keep the parts from these Mechs to help keep players going…

Naim once said they had a mech for each 555 as a replacement. They then bought a truck load of them so they have more than the one per player - I remember it being posted on the forum. You won’t miss out.

Fwiw when mine went I was told the same thing: that this conical plastic ring is not available as a spare past and the whole mechanism needed to be replaced. It was what finally got me to do the DR thing and get everything serviced.

Although 3D printing might be a viable solution (although maybe not yet so readily available), would it not be possible to have the platter reverse engineered and a replacement machined in alloy by a local machine shop? I don’t know the mechanism, but I wouldn’t have thought all the rib structure on the under surface would be required, just so long as there were appropriate recesses to transfer the drive to the platter. Even if you were charged a couple of hundred pounds (which I suspect would be top end), it would be worth it to keep your CD555 player working.

When I asked if it would be OK to superglue the thing and keep on using the CD555 between hearing the news that I couldn’t just be shipped a piece of plastic and my dealer picking up the unit for repair, I was advised against it and told that this wasn’t a viable long-term solution, not least of all because differences in weight and mass distribution might influence performance and unit longevity (which seemed a bit irrelevant seeing it was about to be replaced).

Anyway my point is (I do have one!) that any 3D printing of a replacement should ideally take these parameters into account. Maybe more of a job for Naim than a customer, but still a good idea to stop the waste.

Incidentally, my conclusion was the same as DBs: that the breakage was a result of repeatedly pushing down on CDs with a slightly smaller internal diameter which therefore required a bit more pressure to seat properly. A more durable material would obviously be desirable.

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Yes that is what I was thinking as well–I glued the parts together but getting the alignment with such small "fiddly’ item was not easy and getting the edges to be perfectly smooth near impossible. Consequently the join is not absolutely smooth-shall try to fine sand and polish. Whether I use it this way remains to be seen.

Anyway just had Mail from Duncan at HQ informing me of the bad news-yes the entire Drive has to be replaced --as I sort of expected–the only good thing I suppose it that they obviously have mechanisms

So I would still need my Danforth for fishing :yum:!

So that closes my situation in the meantime-- he stated with the Factory in lockdown naturally , all on hold to send till advised.

Hmm, I agree on the puzzling aspect of total changeover for such a miniscule part–ah well at least they still (obviously) have spares so all is not lost.

3D printing-yes yes!

Thank you chaps for all the banter–seems this problem is bigger than I thought judging from the comments.

Good listening, Isolate and remember to Social Distance!

Stay safe


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If the rest of the mech is OK, can you ask for it back? I know Richard has said this isn’t policy in order to prevent FrankenNaims but it seems a standard (if modified?) part, which may be able to be re-used if the cap widget can be made at some stage in the future.

I’ve repaired various plastic items over the years and have to say CA glue was a game changer in terms of not just strength and durability of the repair, but also because so little is needed, dimensional alignment is near perfect. Two pack epoxy needs a thicker layer to avoid failure and this obviously causes issues where you need to retain accurate dimensional alignment.

The type of hard plastic used in the drive hub is chosen because of its dimensional stability over time. Unfortunately this type of plastic tends to be brittle, especially as it ages. This means that replacement mechs that were manufactured some time ago will have hubs that may not last anything like as long as the original drive hub. A replacement hub therefore seems a better long term solution.

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Slightly off topic, when you finish listening do you put the puck inside the CD player (attached to the spindle) or do you leave it outside.I leave my inside so not sure if I am doing it the correct way.

I leave mine off-spindle in the housing.

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I leave mine on the rack in front of the CD555.

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