CD555 broken "Spindle Cover"


What’s wrong with leaving it on the spindle? Not a very serious question, I know, but these days…

This might have been covered in one of the previous 44 posts. However…
From what I know Naim chose the Philips PRO unit as it was the best available at the inception of the 555. This brings not only the strengths but the potential weakness of the product. A number of other quality CD manufacturers have also used this Philips unit.
From my experiance a new laser unit and a refurb in this player is really wothwhile.

Leave it outside then its not puting any pressure on the mechanisim below. The previous players with the three little rubber inserts fitted to the puck edge did not like being left on the player as they became compressed. It was even suggested by my dealer at the time to have two pucks, one as a spare.

The empty top cup of the Fraim was the perfect place to keep the pucks with rubber feet (for those that don’t have inquisitive young kids) Must have been part of the design. :wink:


It seems like the correct/right way is to leave the puck outside,so will do that from now on.

Precisely what I’ve always done with my CDX2 puck following dealer advice. That little bit on the Fraim is quite the perfect size.


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I may be somewhat off topic, but I dread the moment when my so far flawless CDS3 mech needs replacement. @Richard.Dane what is the status for CDS3 transports, could it be fixed?


Me too…

Claude, that’s best answered by Naim. AFAIK, it’s just the VAM1202 now but maybe @NeilS knows the current situation there.

Hi Guys,

Yes, we can replace the transport in CDS3s, even if it’s a VAM1250 model, it can still be updated to 1202 spec.


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Great! Thank to you both


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