CD555 dual power supplies

I know I am way behind the curve going back to CD in the last few years. I have just acquired a second power supply & would like to know if the connection is just 1 bundy per supply for the digital socket & analog socket respectively ? Any restriction on the power up sequence ? Analog first or digital ? Thanks.

Yes you have it correct. One burndy to each supply one to socket 1 and the other to socket 2. When I had the CD 555 I tried to switch on fairly quickly one after the other but it didn’t seem to make any difference which one you powered up first. I now use my two supplies on my ND555.


If you have a mix of DR and non-DR 555Ps’s, put the DR one on the analogue input for maximum benefit.


Thanks !

Curious - although I am sure there should have been many discussions on ND555 vs CD555, Michael - how much better is the ND555 ? Big leap ?

Or how much better is the CD555 over ND555 :wink:?


For me the issue was, if you wanted to stream, is it worth running both? If no, stick with the CD555. If yes, I ran an NDX with 1 555PS and a CD555 with 1 555PS for a while, then got an ND555. I couldn’t justify 4 555 PSs,+ 6 levels of Fraim to keep both, so reluctantly traded in the CD555 for a Melco system. The good news is, the ripped Melco files through the ND555 with 2 555PSs sound better than the CDs played on the CD555 with 1 555PS.



And in my experience, better than CD555 with 2 * 555PS.


Hi NB60,

Could you elaborate a little more on the Melco system ? Is it used as a NAS ? ND555 pulling the file from the Melco ?


Yes, exactly. An N10 music library (gotta stick with the Naim philosophy of a separate power supply), plus a D100 ripper and S100 switch powered by a Plixir. Though I didn’t save many levels of Fraim in the end…


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