CD555 packed up

Off for my evening listen, and I find the player has suddenly stopped working. Just one flashing button on the left, nothing on the display and the door doesn’t open. I’ve tried doing the door reset and calibration, but no change. Looks like it’s back to my dealer unless anybody has any suggestions…

Turn it off and on again?

This thread may provide help:

That happened to me. Turn it off overnight. Unplug it for a day after off overnight. Turn it back on and see if it comes up. Be careful if you unplug the burndies. You need a day after you power it down to unplug the burndies. Going too fast will create issues. Go slow through the steps.

I sent mine all the way to Naim Canada and it worked fine when it got there.

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As I understand it, unplugging the burndies before the caps lose their charge can cause leakage in the cap and require a re-cap. It just happened to me on my SuperCap.

It only takes a day, which is a small fraction of what a trip back to Naim would take.

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Anyone from Naim like to comment on this? Thanks.

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It’s good practice to wait until the caps have discharged after switch off before unplugging anything. It should only take a few minutes. No idea about leakage though, or the need for leaving things a day - first I’ve heard that, and intrigued now.


I’ve never heard of that either and never did it with my CD555, nor did the dealer who demonstrated it in my home etc.


I would have thought you tuning the power switch off on the power supply and the unit taking a few seconds to actually fully go off would have been the power supply fully discharging itself, ie the caps etc?


I disconnected a 555PS just a few seconds after turning it off and it blew the fuse. I didn’t make that mistake again and now always wait a couple of minutes before removing either a 555PS or and XPS. I’ve never heard of a recommendation to wait a day. Naim certainly don’t do that, otherwise Jason’s comparative demonstrations would take a fortnight.

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I am no expert. You may be right.

But I have had a few Naim boxes and this is my experience:

I live 800 miles from my primary dealer in deepest Red America. I have had two glitches that required a trip to the Naim Spa. First to APS in Canada. Second to AVO in Chicago. The first was a 3 box trip to APS Canada for the CD555 and both power supplies. It was a static issue that cleared in transit. The second was a trip to AVO in Chicago for my Supercap DR and Superline where the cap had begun to leak and could not produce a stable voltage for the SL. (New in 2014!) It required a re-cap. I unplugged each too quickly and each reacted badly. Each shut down for its own reason.

My advice: You can’t be too careful plugging and unplugging these units. An extra day may save you a trip to the Naim Spa. When I do the shipping math from my house for five boxes and insurance, waiting a day is an easy call.

I do love you guys and appreciate the feedback. We all manage our risks in a self serving way.

How do you realize, that too early unplugging has not caused any harm to the caps? Is it an obvious matter or can they be degraded without any notice at first?

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A lot of people on the forum switch off and unplug at the approach of a thunderstorm. No long waits there. I wait for the logo lights to go off before unplugging and that’s it. Maybe we’re all lucky. But a fuse going on switching off/on may just indicate it was getting on a bit…

It’s one thing to relate personal experiences, it’s another to post misleading or incorrect information.


I think this is wise advice - you don’t want any spikes or surges…so makes sense.

Allowing a whole day, for caps to discharge is not harmful, but is almost certainly being overly cautious. I would suggest 10 minutes would be more than enough.

During this period, no leads should be disconnected. But after that, unplug away…!!

Its very easy to jump to erroneous conclusions, when a failure has occurred… :thinking:


Any progress?

I guess the OP is waiting a few days before switching on the equipment to ensure the caps have discharged.


Like it lol

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