CD555 ps & NDX2

I have a loan of a CD555 ps, before I connect up to my NDX2 I’m just double checking it’s compatible? Can anyone confirm?

Yes its compatible. I assume the dealer has given you the Burndy Cable to connect the 2 together?

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Thanks Steve, yep have Burndy and a powerline

Let us know what you think

I have not tried it myself but have 2 CD555’s on my CD player so imagine on an NDX it will be a massive lift!

Yes it’s compatible. Remember to connect the marked collar end of the Burndy to the NDX2 and remove the power cord from the NDX2. The internal transformer is then disconnected and it draws power from the 555PS.

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Yes as previous posts confirm. Be warned though you won’t want to send it back :grinning:

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Just make sure you use the correct Burndy cable
Check the manual to be sure you have the right one

I listened to an NDX2 with 555PS through my olives in a home demo earlier in the year. It was a fantastic quality source, lots of drive, voices sounded real, music was immediately engaging, if it weren’t for the ND555 that I also had there the NDX2 would have stayed.


Up and running now for a few hours, no big wow moment on switch on, it’s better for sure as in more drive and overall a bit more cohesive but not night and day stuff. Bearing in mind it’s not a DR and it is 10 years old and perhaps in need of a recap. I’m using the powerline on it but did try the powerline separately on the NDX2 and SN3 before connecting the 555, dident notice much difference on the NDX2 but i think it gave a little jump to the SN3. Anyway I’ll leave it all connected for a few days and then revert to bare and see what I think, I’ve no intention of buying the 555 and it’s not actually for sale, I just borrowed it from my dealer to see what the general effect of adding a ps would be in terms of maybe an XPSDR at some stage or even something a little cuddlier! Might consider a powerline for the SN3 though.

Wow, your dealers had that for a while then, seems rather odd.

It was taken in with a cdx3 as a trade in, hence it’s not for sale separately

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I bet it gets better, a few hour is nothing. Try 24hs.

That shocked me. I would think a bare NDX2 would make quite a jump even with a 555 in need of a service! Did you make sure the burndy cable was massaged into a position where there is no stress on the joints when connected? Is the Burndy on the floor/touching power cables?

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When I added the XPS DR to my NDX2, it was a significant lift. I’d check the Burndy is well connected as others had said.

Make sure you have a PowerLine as it makes a difference.


Yes to all of above! Maybe I was just expecting more, don’t get me wrong it’s good but no jaw on floor so to speak


It will be ready for a pre and power amp upgrade.

That may be the issue. I’d recommend a demo with a more recent & serviced 555DR

The XPSDR may be a better partner. I found a similar aged 555PS on a 272 did nothing for it musically. I tried a 555PSDR too but could’t get past the sense I was ‘turbocharging a Mini’ and eventually cashed it in to upgrade and rebalance my system.


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