Cd555/ps problem


CD555 with PS 555 DR right channel is nor working.
All connections checked and are ok. I run RCA outs from CD.
Any suggestion?

Welcome sorry to hear of your problem. Have you tried disconnecting the power from the mains electrical supply and then reconnecting after a few minutes? It could be a sticking relay?

When you say this, have you swapped the RCAs around? What amp are you using? Have you tried a different input on the latter?

Am afraid i did.

A complete power-down for say 15 minutes or so may help as @Gazza suggests.

I’d also detach and re-seat all the cabling, including the burndy(ies) at both ends - not 100% sure if you have gone this far?

Also, I’d try switching the CD555 outputs to DIN and then back to RCA and see if this triggers a change.

No I didnot disconnect the PS from the mains and reconnected it again.
Does it make any difference?

So long as the light goes out on the 555PS this should be 100% power-down for the unit - you should not need to disconnect from mains supply. But it’s best to give it a few minutes (longer the better) for the capacitors inside to discharge and re-set when power is restored.

I powerd down the unit and powerd it up again with same result.Still cannot understand. The unit is powering up properly when I switch on the PS. Can’t see the connections between the channel failure and mains power.

Like computers, sometimes the sensitive components inside kit need a re-set via a power-down. Of course, they shouldn’t but sometimes this action can fix things.

Sorry I have not DIn connectors to test the DIN output. Do do that I need DIN out to RCA in cable that I don’t have. Besides I need the RCA outs. Is iti possible just out of the blue (nobody touched the RCA connectors) to have I cuttout RCA connection inside the unit? One RCA is somehow loose.

I wasn’t thinking of using a DIN to test the DIN outputs (but that would help in the fault finding).

I was suggesting switching the CD555’s designated outputs to DIN (via the Display commands - see handbook) and then back to RCA (only) - you can set to both but it’s not advised for sound quality.

A loose RCA connector could indicate that is the problem - obviously it’s not possible to tell from outside of the unit unless you can test the DIN output to check if that is OK, which might indicate if the problem is solely with the RCA connections.

Did you get the usual Naim DIN cables with the unit? I assume the pre-amp/amp only has RCAs?

Just out of curiosity I will reset the unit to DIN switching back to RCA. But again I can’t see what it has to do with the channel failure.

I had this problem recently with a much lesser CD player. Turned out to be an interconnect which went bad for no reason after 12 years of fault free service. A quick trip to local dealer and some magic with a soldering iron fixed it. Still good. Both channels now working.

Thanks. That’s possible.

At this time (from what you have said), it may not be channel failure inside the CD player but only in the output stage/connections (RCAs?).

I’ve had one channel go off on a pre-amp and a power-down cleared this.

By changing the elected signal paths inside the CD player, the hope is that something could re-set itself - it may not.

The best way here would be to hook-up the DIN output and check if that’s OK - but I recognise you may need another cable to do this (DIN to RCA (at pre-amp end?)).


To retrace a step here:

Are you 100% sure it’s not a faulty RCA cable from the CD player? You said you have swapped these around to check/test?

The RCA connectors are also unlike many standard ones - check the curled gold outside contact. Is this worn at all(?) and have you tried twisting the RCA connections very gently and slightly, as it could be just a bad contact?

The RCA connectors on a CD555 look very well secured to the unit - although I suspect they are a tight fit for some RCA connections.

If the rear RCA connector terminal is loose, this suggests somebody has struggled to remove a connector and some damage (looseness) may have occurred.

Ok. since the right channel is off I will swap interconnects right to left and see if the left channel still ok. If not and right comes to life then it;s a cable problem. Let’s hope for this. Otherwise Am in trouble…

And also an important thing to know. Since nobody touched the real panel since ages, everything was ok and running and suddenly, right after cd powered up, the channel failed, it might manifest a more serious problem (than simple connection) by itself.

To prepare myself… what do you think guys is it a PS 555 or CD 555 fault?
Best guesses are invited.