Cd555/ps problem

You haven’t confirmed yet if you have changed around the RCA interconnect cabling to rule this out or explained how loose one of the RCA connectors is (as this is unusual)? - that is removed it at the CD end and re-seat it, and do the same at the pre-amp end too.

You really also need to test the DIN output before assuming it’s the head unit or PS.

Another thing I would try is to leave the units powered-down overnight. The longer you sometimes leave kit without power, the better it re-boots.

It’s a case of step by step diagnosis.

Understand. Haven’t done yet the interconnect swap to rule out any (?) cable problem. All other combinations (change inputs in pre, connecting and disconnecting all cables, e,t,c) are done. RCA plug is not that loose too. Besides nobody touched the rear panel after all. And yes if I could get a DIN to RCA lead will test the DIN output. However I need the RCAs out. Lastly if there is a cutoff connection in RCA plug in the cd output stage, still I would have sending the unit (s) to NAIM for service! Wouldn’t I?

Until you have tested it with another cable all bets are off.

I assume the amp plays through both channels when using a different source…

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Guys don’t get me wrong but that’s the case; it’s the CD source all other (sources) including amplification are ok!

OK - but you need (as @Svetty says too) to test the easier things. It could be that the CD player or PS has an issue (post a power-down as it now appears). Equally, cable solder joints can fail - even when they haven’t been touched.

It’s always a case of checking and re-doing things until the fault is isolated and, so far, based on what you have advised above, the issue could still be with the RCA cabling.

I would still suggest leaving the PS off overnight and see if this changes anything.

The Forum is littered with postings suggesting kit is broken and it often turns out this isn’t the case. Also, faults which appear at home aren’t always found to exist or be replicated when the kit is sent to Naim.

As I said in post 13 yesterday, check the cable. Finding a fault is a process of elimination, and best to start with the simpler and often cheaper solutions first. If nothing else, you will know whether it is the cable or not. If not, you can confidently move to the next part of the process. Check the cable.

Appreciated. Hate sending the units to NAIM let alone with no reason.
As far as powering down is concerned I did it twice overnight. cabling will be double checked again.

Hi again

Tried connections with all combinations nothing changed. I need to check DIN output if working too.
I’ll need DIN to RCA cable Is it a 5 pin DIN on CD output?

Sorry - I may have missed this, but have you swapped the RCA output leads - left to right, right to left to see if the dead channel remains the same?


Hi Guys,
Does anybody know if remote NARCOM 5 can control CD555?. Am not interested in opening/closing door or display remotely. Just the basic functions of the CD (stop, play, next, previous).

Yes - at least I control mine with Narcom 4…


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