Cd555 ps

Just to be certain, the CD555 PS that I had on my CDS3 will also power Naim streamers and NDac, correct?


Yes you can, it’s still called CD555PS today as that’s what it was first developed for.

Of course, you can power CDS3, CDX2, nDac, NDX, NDS and ND555

Thanks gents.

Can i ask you what’s wrong with your CDS3 ? Because i have a fault with mine.

Doesn’t say anything about anything being wrong with the CDS3 anywhere …

I think some posts may have been deleted as I’m sure when I read the thread this morning, the OP mentioned Naim couldn’t repair their CDS3…

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Aha, that’s interesting, weird, and intriguing!

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Yes, you are right, he did mention that it couldn’t be fixed and I’m sure it was because of the laser. The fault with mine I’m pretty sure is a DAC problem in the right channel which has failed.

My CDS3 cannot be repaired due to a failed laser mech. Naim no longer has replacements and they have not been available for years. Only CD555 and 5i have replacement laser mechs in stock. I am now using a Cyrus CDi but am moving to Unison Research CD Due soon.

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