CD555 Spindle centering hub cracked

The old thread is closed so I’ve started a new one. Perhaps Richard can merge them? Anyway as per the original thread the plastic centering hub has cracked and come off. Ever since reading the previous thread I’ve been extra careful when loading CDs - but clearly not careful enough.

As per the old thread I’ve ordered both an aluminium one and a plastic one from Encosystems (in the US) - I’m hoping this will get through to me and I can avoid needing to send the player back to Salisbury :crossed_fingers: :pray:


This happened to me twice with my CD555. The only part that needs replacing is the very center small part that breaks - it clips-on over the existing spindle assembly - do not remove your existing one as it is fine - and takes about 10 seconds to fix once you have the new part - I’ve done this twice! :bear:

The very small part should cost a minute amount IMO and could be laser-printed perhaps, but Naim only sell the larger component with 99% of which you don’t require.

You can - with care - place the two broken bits on the spindle and then place a CD with the magnet lock and it will play fine, but is obviously a chore to be doing - but it is what I did while waiting for my replacement part.

What seems to cause the problem is long-term fatigue induced by a few CDs that are a tight-fit - they over time (a few years) cause the plastic to crack.


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I bought a plastic one last year and replaced the cracked hub when it fell apart. I’m not sure whether the aluminium version was available then, but it would be useful to know from Naim whether it is suitable for the CD555. Given quite a proportion of CDs are a tight fit, I’m not confident that the plastic hub will last very long.

I appreciate Naim need to maintain quality but can’t help thinking that they could commisioned a reputable 3D printing firm to produce a well made replacement part. They - or dealers - could supply this for a fair price.

It seems a shame to fritter the limited supply of replacement mechs for a plastic part that just clips on and probably costs a couple of pounds to make.


Yes, given the price of the CD555, the design defect of this small hub part is something NAIM really should rectify. If someone else (EncoSystems) can do it, there’s no reason NAIM can’t.

@Naim.Marketing , please Clare could any light be shone on this please from your HQ end. My CD555 ( dual PS ) displayed this problem 8 years into its life 18 months ago, and was sent back to Salisbury for repair, which ultimately involved a new mech replacement.
In all fairness we are dealing with a World class product ( with 2 power supplies probably nothing out there touches it in all fairness), and I am really really hoping this aspect is being focused upon to guarantee the longevity of this outstanding product. We are talking an investment of an equivalent to £30K+ in today’s money.
There are a few of us here, who are lucky to own sports cars. Imagine my local Porsche dealership making a phone call to me after my Cayman GT4 has gone in for a repair job:
“ Yes sorry Sir, your car is irrepairable and would you like us to take it to scrap yard for you?”. :flushed:…and quite frankly I’d go, you are having a laugh aren’t you!?! (at best)
Would really appreciate your feedback on this. ATB Peter


Even if the specs could be released to some third party like Tom Tom for remanufacture that would be a step forward.


But just to balance the scales Naim were very attentive and considerate when my S1 developed the fault.

I’ll take that scrap GT4 to the yard for you Peter. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Agree. Binning an entire mech for a replaceable bit of plastic is criminal.


So have received an aluminium and a plastic spindle hub from Encosystems. The cracked original is still in situ and playing OK. Has anyone else replaced this? My instinct is that gently levering the cracked one off and pressing a replacement on should work OK…

I asked about this when my cracked hub got significantly worse. I went on using it with a crack for some time. I think the advice from Naim was to lever it off very carefully. I was worried about damaging anything else, but in fact it just fell apart and then the new one (plastic) just pressed on with a little pressure. I will be interested to hear how the aluminium one goes.

Can someone post a photo of the parts in question here?
Luckily I have not had any problem with my CD555 but in the event I need a replacement I would like to know. Thanks.



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