CD555-spindle/hub replacement

Following up the threads from last year when people discussed the issue with the plastic hub that locates CDs, and I discovered mine had a crack in it.

As mentioned then, I obtained a spare hub from the US. Now my original hub has finally broken and I want to replace it with the spare. Some advice please from those who have done so.

I. I was hoping that when the hub broke it would fail completely and fall off the spindle. In fact a section has broken away leaving about three-quarters of the hub on the spindle. The hubs have two indents at the bottom, which I assume are for levering them off (one is left on mine). Is this correct and what tools have people used to do so?

  1. Is it advisable in removing and replacing the hub to lock up the floating elements of the player?

  2. Does the replacement hub simply click down on the spindle with minimum force from one’s fingers?

Thanks in anticipation.

For piece of mind repair and if your CD555 has never been back to Salisbury via your dealer you will get back a significatly better player on return. IMO diy at this level is not on.
The plastic gear to operate my lid failed. The replacement is now metal (brass?) and I had a new laser unit plus some software upgrades.
Third party spare parts have been questioned in previos threads.
There may may be a significant carriage cost due to weight and value.
Its stll wothwhile though.

Hi Douglas
Thanks for your advice - I read the previous threads on this. As far as I can tell from what people have said before, this is minimal maintenance and involves replacing one part with an identical replacement (the mech is of course a third party part from the origin, although adapted by Naim). I would certainly never poke about inside! I will probably send the unit back to Naim at some point but I believe their advice is not to ship unless necessary.

Anyhow, I will not proceed until I get some advice, which may be from Naim support tomorrow. In the meantime I’m calling those who have successfully installed the replacement:

Hi Douglas,
I had the same experience with mine last year and back to HQ it went. ATB Peter

Probably best for @NeilS to advise here.

I bought the replacement part. 2 mins to fit. Has been working perfectly for months. I don’t see how you can go wrong and if you do, then send it to Naim

Thanks Gavin - in your case had the old plastic hub completely detached from the spindle?

OK, thanks - will wait.

Yes, it had broken into two parts.

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Yes - that happened to mine too.

Dealer acquired from Naim a new spindle assembly - but you only need the tiny cap part of that.
Just press-fit and click into place the new plastic cap and it is done in seconds - no need for return to Naim.

It seems that part gets stressed over time - usually from some CDs with a slightly tight-fit and it eventually forms a crack then breaks. But it is a detachable clip-on part.

The problem was, back a few years ago, Naim only provided the needed cap as part of the whole spindle which is not needed for the repair.
I nearly considered 3D printing the part as it was so easy to fix - if you have it!

But I eventually sold-on my CD555 - with a brand-new just-fitted cap - when I got my ND555; as great as the CD555 is I could not justify running both it and ND555.

…so you can easy repair - if you have the part. :bear:


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Hi Clive,

Yes, I’d advise locking at least the tray while you do the swap - that’s the two black transit screws that push the tray against the underside of the top plate.
The two indents are indeed to facilitate the removal of the part in question, it doesn’t require much force so a small flat blade screwdriver should do it, just be careful not to damage the material at the bottom (the bit you will not be replacing). Once you have raised the broken part slightly, you may be able to get a fingernail underneath.
Fitting the new part requires a light push, just keep it nice & square.


Many thanks, Neil - that’s very clear.

All done and sounding great. Thanks for the advice and help here (and from the earlier threads).

Next time there’s a problem, it will be back to HQ for a service.

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