CD555 to 555PS Burndy cables

Hi Guys, can’t seem to get correct answer to this question. Any help appreciated

I have a CD555 that the previous owner kept the Burndy cables .

So I have Cd555 head unit sans connectors.

I have the CD555PS but only the XPS single white band Burndy for the CD3 CDX/etc.

Question will that Burndy work in the CD555 Drive now.

Second will the both the Burndies that came with the NDS work in the CD555

–or is there any reconfiguration of the pins /etc.

Even the dealer is not sure -ha!

Any clarification appreciated

Thank you,


If you bought a used CD555 and the owner kept the Burndy cables then you did not get what belongs with it. When shipped the CD55 included: 2 x Burndy, Hi-Line, R-Com, Narcom.

Those Burndies are not cheap to replace either.

I know it may not help you now, and you aren’t asking for such advice, but anytime I buy used Naim kit I make sure the seller includes all the cables that belong with it. For example, I just bought a used 252 and made sure it had the Burndy, SNAIC and Narcom that belong with it.

I know I’m not answering your question, but personally, I would take it up with the seller of the CD555. They owe you a pair of Burndy cables, IMO.

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Thank you for the prompt reply Yes I realise that those are included but he wanted to keep them.

End of Story unfortunately --I need to know if the NDS Burndy set will work as I can get set of those little used form the net.

Thank you again


I believe the NDS Burndy are the same but please don’t take my word for it. Your best bet is for @Richard.Dane to confirm one way or the other.

Thank you again, I’ve asked NAIM techs and dealers --none can answer straight on this

some say no some say maybe but the Pins need to be reconfigured for the inner working of the CD Drive and Clock–I wish someone out there knew the answers.

Your link to Richard Dane? can I ask him with a message somehow?.


He will likely reply by tomorrow.

Ah thank you for the help,

Just looked at my boo boo on the heading

after me 50 times

CD555PS CD555PS CD%%^^%%$$(((!!

Gotta not post in Haste!


NDS burndies will work. They are the same as the CD555 burndies. The S-XPS burndy won’t work.

Hi HH, I remember you we’ve conversed on the old Naim Forum days–Ha!–thank you are you 100% sure
the NDS Bundle will work and not blow the works -?? But I trust your word–Kudos --if your not sure spread the love now and put me outa ma misery !

Much appreciated Matey,


The caveat is that I’ve not tried it but I recall reading of others who’d moved from CD555 to NDS and kept the burndies because they were run in. Remember that the 555PS remains a constant, so it’s entirely logical that they will work with both. Hopefully you have found the advert - it was posted in August so they may or may not still be available.

Yes I found it and said I would take them–he hasn’t replied yet --probably in land of Nod!


I don’t know whether the Burndies are exactly the same. It’s best to confirm with Naim, otherwise you risk making an expensive mistake.

I’ve found a post from @Darkebear where he says that he kept his CD555 burndies for use with his ND555. So logically a reversal would work. That said, checking with Naim would give the definitive answer.

Thank you HH and Richard,I’ve asked all over the net Dealers /Naim Techs --all of them don’t know
the answer!–nothing from Naim support either yet --hope to hear soon from somebody whom knows definitely if the NDS pair are kosher or not.

Thank you all ,


If you look at the Naim price list it just says Burndy set for PS555. That says to me that they work on the NDS, ND555 and CD555.

I would speak to Naim and ask for Henry in the service/tech side. I spoke to him recently regarding a couple of things including CD555 Analogue and Digital outputs for the PS555’s. He had recently done some work regarding this and will be able to answer your question. He is extremely knowledgable and answered some historical questions I had about my XPS-T of which he tells me only 10 were made. He actually found out conclusively why it was impossible to upgrade it to DR spec. I would ask for him make sure you get it right! I believe the NDS and CD555 Burndies are the same though but best to double check!

It’s interesting that despite being pretty well 100% sure, we still suggest checking. If only everyone was the same. Just imagine how different our society would be.

Steve - how is the NAT01 with the XPS-T?

Thank you Guys, I will book call to Henry at Naim Support and see if he can solve the mystery!.

Ha!-- HH indeed but it is funny everyone has taken the middle road or prefers sitting on the fence.

I do find it strange that no one not even NAIM Techs and a dealer I spoke too would commit either --ha!

Thank you again guys,


Moderated Post: Diver, I’ve edited your post. Please ensure you have read and understood forum rules. Note that discussion of unauthorised modification to Naim equipment is not allowed here. This includes fake 'SNAICs" and non-Naim Burndy cables, either of which will at best not give the sound as Naim intended, and at worst may void any warranty and may damage the connected equipment. Thanks, Richard

It’s probably that they just can’t remember exactly - the CD555 and NDS are both discontinued. Better to be sure, as making an error could end up seriously damaging the equipment, for which they might then feel liable. As such, any reticence in giving advice without being 100% sure and checking with the appropriate R&D engineer is quite understandable here.