CD555 Trade in value

I hope I’m not breaking any forum rules by asking what members think is a fair trade in price for a CD555 approximately 12 years old serviced in 2016 with a 555PS DR of the same age and service history.

@Richard.Dane can soon tell you…

What and how much are you trading in against as that will have an effect on the trade in?

Provided it’s not an attempt to try to sell via the forum, it’s fine.

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Prices look all over the place from what I can see. Basically whatever you can get. Stab in the dark, PS £3-5k, CD £4-5k?

Normally I’d suggest you have a look on eBay at recently sold items, but there’s none there currently, which is probably because very few are sold. Alternatively, if you have a good relationship with a Naim retailer who moves a lot of used equipment, he might be able to give some guidance. There’s one Naim retailer not far from Manchester who advertises frequently on eBay. You could try asking him.

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My advice would be unless you are desperate for the money, wait until the summer. The market is dire atm. I wouldn’t want to devalue gear as many people seem to be doing in our hobby.

Once an item sells for a ridiculously low price every other auction or sale is (wrongly) expected to be at that price.

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Hang on to it. Its a top notch player and only surpassed by the ND555 and thats from a respected dealer. I think so few come on the market because owners keep them.
Richard, any idea how many CD555s were made or could that be a trade secret?


I’m looking to trade in against a dCS Rossini Apex Player and Clock.


I wish you were in the US. I am looking to pair with my 555PS but very rare here. Everyone has gone to streaming I guess.

Then the dealer has or should have a lot more flexibility to play with around used pricing…….wish you well.

I don’t I’m afraid.

OK and thanks

I have had a CD555 the best CD Player, but musically it can’t compete with bit perfect ripped CD´s,source first…my NDS /XPS 2 easily outperformed it playing ripped CD files.

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That should be an interesting exercise. Let us know how you get on.

Hi Douglas I don’t know either but my guess it would be a small number. Bought my Rega Isis in 2021 after 12 years of production and my serial no is 502 and even allowing smaller sales for the valve version that would be less than one a week. They are obviously different products at different price levels but I’m not sure any high value cd players sold in big numbers, in the UK at least. Comparatively, the limited edition Solstice has sold getting on for 500 units so far so I guess high end record players have always sold in higher numbers than cd players.

Isn’t the dealer interested in a trade?
Did you manage to secure the dCS before the price increased?
One last thing, the rossini apex player is a mighty fine sounding bit of kit. You will love it, plus if it’s your only source, you may be able to also sell your pre amp, as the built-in one is fantastic now its been apex’ed.

The dealer has offered a trade in that I thought was at the lower end of the spectrum but he did say that he was struggling to come up with a value because so few CD555s come up for resale.

Ordered last Saturday before Sunday’s price increase.

I have Phono and AV inputs but good advice.

It’s good that you got in before the price increased.
I guess you have got to wait a while for the rossini? If so, why not try and sell privately, and then if no joy, just trade it in.

The going price for a CD555 head unit in VGC/fully boxed et al the last time I looked was ~£4k – perhaps a couple of hundred more – and great care was required as regards shipping given the transport. Far better to collect IMV which, I suspect, made geography a relevant factor in the prices(?).

Great care is also required in determining the insurance cover when shipping by courier, as most costs bump-up severely, plus don’t forget to deduct the fees involved in a personal auction/listing – as both PayPal (if used) and e-bay will take chunks!

Sales of the 555PSDRs can be found on e-bay as one source.

Selling as a combo isn’t recommended, as someone who has a 555PS(DR) won’t want another one, and you’re probably selling to a CDS3/perhaps CDX(2) owner?