I am very pleased to have just purchased the iconic CD555…

Any advice on the set up process from fellow owners would be appreciated?


You will find it works better at playing CDs than LPs, however you set it up…


From a CDS3 owner but the basics are the same:

  • Put on solid stand, absolutely level.
  • Read the manual carefully so that you do not have to refer back to it while finding and removing the transport bolts.
  • Consider getting help from a household member to secure the player while you remove the bolts (Household member because of pandemic situation). Brief them on what they have to do.
  • Remove transport bolts as per manual and keep them in a safe place. Do not tilt the player after you removed any bolt. It is best if you can do this in its final location. Carefully slide the player towards the edges, always keeping three feet safely on the stand, so that you can access the bolt locations.
  • Dress cables properly.
  • Ensure that there is absolutely no rocking of the feet. Your Naim dealer can supply shims if the surface is not level enough.

Congratulations and enjoy!


Even on Fraim glass you may need a single layer of tin foil under one of the feet. It’s a stunning piece of engineering and sound. Enjoy Peter

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The CD555 is on a full fraim.
I was thinking more about any small tweaks that may be of value to optimise potential?

I thought because you asked about the “process”. It’s good to have the Fraim sorted but it’s no guarantee that it is level. It pays off to make sure, not least for mech longevity.

Not sure what else could be be done beyond proper leveling and dressing. I suppose you have a good interconnect. There is a known issue with the crown (or whatever the proper term is) of the mech breaking after a time, which apparently Naim says it means a return to HQ and new mech - which is risky and a shame if the mech itself is fine. There are posts on the forum by someone who found a good replacement source for just the plastic part.

Is it serviced? The gear wheel to open the lid was plastic originally, causing later issues. Later models have a metal one, and Naim would replace it during service.

Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely make sure it’s level…the CD555 is a 2016 model so has the metal gear wheel …

You need to check the VTA, VTF, buy a record machine cleaning cds, and special audiophile cd sleeves. Destress each burndy before listening too.

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Congratulations on your CD555! I got mine, used, from a dealer, a few years ago to replace a CDS3/XPS. The difference was immediately breathtaking and I was relieved that the cost was more than justified.

As to possible tweaks:

  1. Depending on the age of your 555PS, it may benefit from recapping, though I doubt it is old enough to need it.
  2. Is you PS DR’d? If not, doing so will make for a substantial improvement.
  3. Using two 555 DR’d PS’s will get the optimum performance from you player. One of the PS’s works on the analog circuitry while the other addresses the digital circuitry.
  4. Even though I have a Fraim rack system, I found that placing an additional vibration absorbing platform onto the glass Fraim shelf made a huge difference. If your CD placer is located near one (or both) of your speakers, this will have an even greater impact. I had a custom platform made for me. It consists of two maple shelves, sealed with a piano black finish, with a thin piece of cork in between them.

Good luck, and happy listening!!!


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@Suedkiez didn’t knew that he won a Cd555 at the lottery. Congrats Suedkiez, lucky guy :joy::joy:

Interesting about the extra absorbing platform…I will have to give that some thought…

I feel PeterR is thinking now :joy:

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Wenger hi, make sure it’s level otherwise just enjoy the music.



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Wear a weightlifting belt before you pick it up. :smiley:

Congrats though, it’s a great CDP. The Hiline IC it’s supplied with is good but the SL really lets it rip if you have one.

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Yes the supplied Hi Line is in my opinion not up to snuff with what the player can do–
If the SL is from the same cloth then I’d save my dough and go for prime pair of RCA interconnects.
My Hi Line is back boxed unused after pretty exhaustive tests–keep it though for resale.


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Nonono, congratulate Wenger2015! I still have the CDS3 and it will be my last CPD. I just answered Wenger because it’s the same with setup really. I did say it was coming “from a CDS3 owner” :slight_smile:

Also I am wondering why I bought it last year :joy: because I have now waited 4 months for the rack levels due to Covid issues and the CDS3 is still not even set up properly. I literally have not played a single CD after the XPS came back from service early December, and before this I played like 2 because I just had to, but not in its proper setup.
Last week the dealer called me excitedly, saying that my stuff was in a big delivery they received from the rack company. I said I’d come by on Saturday, but next day they called me to say that it’s only one of two ordered levels!

At the same time, I have not left the damn house since the beginning of November because of you know what, and have already ripped 600 CDs into Roon. Half! I decided for the CDS3 last year because I was sure it would take me 5 years to get my CDs properly ripped and tagged. But that was before I knew Roon would make it much easier, and before I knew how bad the pandemic would still be …

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Interesting view on the Hi-line, the CD555 came with the original but it has never been used…

I have been using a TQ Black Diamond IC on my CDX2, so that will be staying…

Yes I and some friends have done many cable tests with the Player–
Myself I found the Stereovox Reference from Atlanta the finest sonics for my setup.

According to reports the Raptor Interconnect Mk2 from LFD in Clacton- is superior
to all others currently out there.

Just don’t ask the price :wink:!

I’ll stay in the real world-ha!


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Most of the extremely expensive cables I have listened too, have been exceptionally good…

If we’re talking cables, consider Luna, form Canada. Their Noir (black) level are absolutely outstanding. The HiLine does not begin to compare.