In today’s world of the ND555 some see the CD555 as a has been. I am biased towards this player. Its the best I have ever owned and still have it. Perhaps more to the point I still buy new and used CDs and actually play them. Its an early player and has the metal lid gear along with a service at the time. This made the player even better.
The retaining puck is a major improvement.
When I bought the player I changed the cable to the pre-amp from Naim to Chord Indigo. I had the PS upgraded to DR and bought another one as well down the line. The head unit sits on a wall shelf with Stillpoints support. It is comprable to my LP12 Stiletto/Lyra Etna in making the music.
My CD library is 1000+ and more and the thought of transferring all these to the ND555 is a non starter for me.
All the levelling and transit bolt care are essentials. Its a very heavy unit but by now I expect you know that!
A used CD555 is an excellent buy today. Enjoy.


I can recall not to long ago vinyl was supposedly in the has been category …but I grew up with vinyl and still love it…

I also really like the cd format and have no desire to start streaming.

I purchased a relatively new CD555 as it should be good to go for a many many years before having to think about a service …


The SL is a big upgrade over the HiLine.

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Yes I think Naim Designers/Engineers did not fully recognise what a masterwork they had created
with the CD555–It is possibly the finest one box player out there-and maybe in the effort to get it out on the marketplace the interconnects got second billing.
Believe me I tried both the Hi Line Din to Din and the Din to RCA alternative–unfortunately both combos gave me the impression the tail was wagging the dog.
They are Very Good cables --no mistake–but do not cater for what the Player is capable of.
My other pet “Peeve”–is no Repeat on the RCom :unamused:


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Yes it’d have be!–but in that price range there is a plethora of cabling that if the genes are similar ilk

then the funds could be better spent for the sonics the Player can provide.

Maybe my bias is bit out of line–I’ve owned Naim gear since the late 70’s and never had much time for the cabling in the various incarnations in my setups since.

I’ll have to take your word on the SL-- obtaining pair for in house demo is like pulling teeth :neutral_face:


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I was a cable sceptic too until I tried them. Powerlines v supplied mains cable, HiLine v supplied Lavender and now SL v HiLines.

Every one had just been an improvement.


Make sure the output is set to DIN only, assuming that’s what your cable is (?).

I find this can re-set itself sometimes, most likely on power-down/on…which reminds me I must check mine post a Fraim re-build.

Of course, you can open the lid by waving your hand in front of the display.

I never took the ‘brick’ single-billet cut remote (R-com), as it’s far too heavy and lacks some vital functions IMV. Thankfully, my Flash continues to work.

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Another happy CD555 owner here. Welcome to the club. You now own a lovely work of art. Totally over engineered but the finest CD player you are likely to find in this lifetime. When we’ll set-up it will certainly equal any turntable. It can weave a totally believable image of live musicians playing in your front room, and will often make the hairs on your neck stand up as you begin to understand the interplay between them. Remember, some CD players will tell you ‘what’ music is being played, some will tell you ‘how’ it is being played but only the CD555 will tell you ‘why’ it’s being played!

My only tips are: make sure it’s level, give it and the power supply a little space, watch the burndys are not stressed and don’t touch, try a Super Lumina interconnect if you can.



I substitutet the HiLine for a Vertere Pulse R (second hand purchase) which has a wonderful synergy with Naim in general and the 555 specifically IMHO.

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Good to see folks trying other inters’s–I’m still of the opinion the Naim cabling, while it is excellent --is not quite up to the capability of the player possibly as stated the SL is and only a precise in house demo would tell.
I am sure each owner will make their own choices and after all its their ears that make the final decision so carry on chaps and –
Good listening :blush:


Just after I wrote my comments/thread I put on a couple of CDs. By now it was 00.30 in the morning. Magic! I only went to bed as I was worn out.

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Yes, I am hoping to experience the ‘Magic’…?

Set up correctly, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I’ve got a decent spec LP12 which dealers say should wipe the floor with CD555 but it doesn’t. Both are great sources and I find hard to separate them.


This question has likely been asked quite a number of times before but is a switch from CDS3 with the 555PS to CD555 with single PS worth doing?

When I investigated 555 vs CDS3, everybody agreed that the 555 is a fabulous achievement and the “better” player, but there seemed to be similar numbers in the camps preferring one or the other in practice, for reasons of presentation, synergy, etc

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Thanks for that. I could probably do the switch for about £1-1.5k taking into account CDS3 resale but have to admit, I’m pretty happy with the sound as is and it would have to be a major uplift to be tempted.

Per the earlier post on this thread I shimmed the CDS3 on one side with slight wobble using some spare Naim shims and levelled the rack earlier today - definite improvement !


Make sure the output is set to DIN only, assuming that’s what your cable is (?).

I assume this is done via the remote?

I did recommend to read the manual :wink: It’s in section 16.4 of the one you find on

Thanks for the link, the instructions for the R-com handset don’t seem to be in the owners manual… unless I am missing something…

Looking forward to setting up :grin: