I am contemplating sourcing a CD555 in the future, one gone for just shy of £5000 on a popular auction site. I currently own a CDS3 and PS555DR, my main reservations here are getting hold of one and it then failing with no options for repair. I understand the CDS3 can no longer be supported, does anyone know if this is the same situation with the CD555? Interestingly, when searching online for Naim CD Players and repair, a link took me to a Quick Cycle site where there are various Philips mechanisms for sale linked to various Audio companies, one being Naim where it is being claimed they have been factory calibrated to work. It states easy to self fit or a facility to request a fitting via a technician. I appreciate there are approved Naim services and indeed Naim themselves but where products can no longer be supported I would guess others will fill this gap in the market. Anyone have any knowledge of this site?

Naim kept a spare mech for each CD555. If you have the serial number of a prospective purchase, you can check whether its allotted one is still in storage waiting for the need.

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I’m not sure the spares were earmarked (?), as some around these parts have had 2 replacements (mine is still on original).

@broomy – we are limited as to what can be discussed on pre-loved kit (Forum rules) but a few things:

1- check what remotes are included – a CD555 came with the heavy billet remote (FYI, I much prefer the old Flash units).
2- make sure burndies x 2 are included (looks to be)
3- Personally, I wouldn’t let anyone other than Naim play with a CD555. I’m sure the mech is suspended and has been customised.

A quick check of ‘Completed’ sales on a well known 'site should give you an idea on what a 555 head unit goes for.


Just be aware that this sort of discussion obviously falls outside of the rules of this forum.

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Apologies, no offence meant, I was just curious in respect of these claims being made. Are you able to confirm as suggested that each CD555 would have had a Mech put aside or is it a case of first come, first served in respect of what stock is/was kept for repairs?

I think the original idea was to have one or two spare mechs per machine but it it may well have been on a first come first second basis. Best check with Naim here.

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Many Thanks

I loved my CD555, still have the CD’s, and regret ever selling it. My dealer warned me about it. He was right. I have two PS555 power supplies and only needed a Fraim shelf and an interconnect to keep them both running.


It’s funny how we can differ.

A Chord Hugo TT fed by an ultraRendu bested my CD555 around 2015.

Since then things have only improved with TT2, m-scaler and Auralic Aries G2.



Just wanted to add that I have been a very happy user of CD555 for several years now, which I use with two 555 PS’s. It replaced a CDS3, which I now use in the second system. A brilliant player, long may it remain supportable by Naim.

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Yep. I think it’s clear that some like Naim sources and others think they’ve been surpassed. Personally, I feel you give up one sound for another. You don’t get it all.


CD555 player secured with CDS3 being used as part trade in, off to Naim for Service who still support at the time of typing this. Currently I have one CD5555PS DR, anyone able to comment on the difference it made adding a second unit. Also, anyone using a DR & Non DR unit together, if so, any views on which should connect to what and were there any synergy issues?

The ND555 and NDS streamers both benefit from the addition of a second 555PS because they were designed to.

The CD555 was not designed to benefit from a second 555PS. Indeed, the second power supply may introduce earthing issues which is why (as far as I remember) Naim did not recommend it.

Some owners prefer the CD555 with 1 supply, others prefer two. It will sound different just not necessarily better, so it’s up to you.

Hope this helps, BF

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Hi there, thanks for your comments, makes sense given that it comes with the two burndies and the power supply itself is designed to separately power the analogue and digital via these leads. I certainly wasn’t aware of any issues by adding a second, I guess that even with Naim and Power Supplies there comes a stage where too much is too much. I don’t think I have seen anything suggesting adding a second via Naim. All comments welcome.

Short answer is 2nd 555PS(DR) = more detail and more bass impact. Some prefer, some don’t.

Yes, it was probably not without reason that Naim stopped making CD players…

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I think the jury is still out on this one, consumer demand will always drive any business decision but consumer demand can change much like fashion. Naim stepped out of the high end CD market but there is clearly still demand & high end players being made out there, they do still make players. CDs still outselling Vinyl in actual numbers yet CD is dead and vinyl thriving? Always going to be subjective, physical format is for me, so streaming no matter how great, will never do it for me, CD gives me the right level of convenience whilst still requiring some effort to choose and play, all part of the experience for me. Sometimes, too much choice and access to everything at your fingertips isn’t always a good thing.


Are you aware of any issues as mentioned by adding a 2nd supply, I wonder what Naim’s view is on this?

It’s not a competition, everyone plays on the media that suits them best, you don’t have to make it more difficult than that… For my own part, I play music on vinyl, CD and streaming.

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I’ve been running mine with 2 supplies for ~ 13 years (both now DR’ed) and have never had issues. This was well-discussed on the old Forum and some liked the effect, some didn’t see the benefits as VFM, some thought the timing changed a tad.

Bear in mind the NDS is often regarded as being only on a par (at best IMHO) with a CD555 – again opinions differ :grin:

IMHO (a very big caveat!), a CD555 is extremely capable and really needs a properly sorted high quality system to show how good it really is.