CD555PS (DR) paired with CD555PS (non DR)

I have finally secured a CD555 which is on its way to Naim for a full service, I currently own a CDS3 powered by a CD555PS DR (purchased new less than a year ago). Happily I will have the use of my CDS3 until the CD555 comes back to me. My question is this, would the addition of a non DR’s CD555PS running alongside my CD555PS DR still bring about improvements and should this be used for the Digital or Analogue connection?

Yes put the non DR on the analogue side.

Interesting, appreciate this was a dealer but told not to mix the two, in my mind, much like your view, non DR got to be better than just one power supply. Any reason why you suggest Non DR on the Analogue side? Got to be honest, not 100% sure how the two box PS works with a CD555 as the CDS3 only takes one PS, definitely always seen the benefits of Power Supplies with Naim CDP’s having owned A Flatcap2, Hi Cap and both XPS versions. They just bring so much to the party :grinning:

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