CD5i door won't close


Just purchased a second hand CD5i mk2. I removed the transit screw, opened the drawer, tried to close it and - it won’t close. It feels like there is something in the middle of the box that prevents the drawer to close completely, there is a ~1 cm gap between the drawer and the chassis. Am I missing something? Which screws should I remove in order to open the lid? Any ideas?

Of course I could send the player back to the seller, but it seems like too much of a hassle if this could be solved easily by myself.


Did the seller leave the clamp/puck on the spindle? If so, it has probably come loose and is now rolling around inside the player and may have got lodged in a position that is now preventing the drawer from closing. If you unplug the player and then pick it up in both hands you may be able to hear or feel is the clamp is loose inside. You may be able to gently shake it loose and then out through the drawer opening.

Hi Richard,
the puck is in it’s place. I did try to shake the player very gently and at first there was some noise, but now it sounds like there is nothing loose. Quite odd. It might be possible that there is a old puck or something else there, but it seems like it’s stuck itself quite well.

It’s possible. I remember buying a secondhand CD3 and there was an entire collection of clamps inside. Every time one had got lost inside the owner had just bought another!

Update: I managed to take the lid off and the culprit was found. The little screw that connects the top lid to the front fascia had come loose and found its way to the magnet that holds the drawer at place when shut. The player is now working and sounding mighty fine. Thanks for the help, Richard!

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Ah great. Be careful putting that screw back. If you tighten too far you can dimple the soft magnesium zinc top.

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