CD5i Error

My CD5i does not start. It shows track “1” on the display with turns to “Err.” in a few seconds. Anything I can do or is it a device issue?

Not device…service

Is it the same with all discs? Have you got another puck you can try? Depending on the type of puck, you rotate the little bits of rubber to make them prouder. I’m guessing as I don’t even know whether this model has a puck!

Sorry to read this.
Is the CD clean?
Is the mains plug pushed in fully?

It does sound like a puck issue, is there a whirring clunking sound? As Gavin says, squeeze the rubber nodules on the puck to make them stand out a bit and then get another puck.

IIRC CD5si has solid puck.

Find a perfect clean disc that you know has no playability issues. Put it in the tray and place the clamp on top. Close the drawer. Switch off. Switch on again but this time pressing and holding the play button as you do so. This will put the player into soak mode where the error correction is switched off and the disc plays on repeat. The display should flash 0. If it encounters errors, it will start counting up to the 10th error and then will stop. If it still flashes 0 then all is fine with the mech and it might be something elsewhere.

Thanks for all help. I have a puck/clam only made of plastic. I tried som recently played discs and the reset mode. It indicates repeat but nothing happens except that “Err” occurs after a few seconds. Forgot to mention that the display shows “- -” when I slide in the tray and when pressing play the display shows first “1” and then “Err” after a few seconds.

It looks like you’ve already had advice on the most likely reasons, but I get a similar thing with my CDX2 when I out in a disc which is slightly too thick. The Err message is preceded by an unpleasant noise as the transport tries to spin the disc that it can’t quite get a good enough grip on.

Solution is to put a ring of masking tape around the central hole.I never had this problem with my CD5i, but the si might be different.


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