Cd5i giving error message after power outage

Several years ago I talked a friend into buying a basic Naim package after he was heading down the Brose path. He has just called me saying that his cd5i is showing an error message after a power outage. Unfortunately as we are both in New Zealand the former great service network is no longer available. Any suggestions?

I assume he has already tried disconnecting it entirely from the mains and then reconnecting and turning it on? If that doesn’t solve it, maybe there’s something in the manual about a reset/reboot? Also, I don’t recall if there are fuses in the Naim CDPs, but if there are then maybe it’s the fuse that needs replacing.

I think we’ll need a bit more detail - what exact message is being displayed? Does it appear immediately at switch-on, or only when the transport tries to read a newly inserted disc?


As PSAN advises, try power cycling.

Otherwise, switch off, choose a known perfect condition disc load it in the tray (don’t forget the clamp!). Close the door. Then switch on while pressing and holding the play button. This puts the player into a special “soak” mode used at the factory for diagnostic purposes. It then reads the disc without error correction. Every time it comes across an error it counts from 0 up to 10 at which point it then stops. The idea is that if you know the disc is totally error free then any errors must be down to a possible fault with the player. Cycle power to put the player back in normal mode.


Thanks Mark
This is his reply

  1. ( as in track 1) comes up on the screen immediately, and then after about 10 seconds, ‘err.’ ( as in error).

OK - does he hear any unusual noises coming from the transport mechanism between the 1 and the Err? Does this happen with every disc in his collection or just a few? Is it a consistent problem on the relevant discs or unpredictable?

If ‘yes’, ‘a few’ and ‘consistent’ are his answers, my diagnosis would be a slippy puck which can usually be solved either by rotating the rubber feet or adding some strips of masking tape to the offending disc. Both fixes have been detailed many times on the forum, so a quick search should yield more detail.

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