CD5i repair

My CD5i died, I am considering repair options.

I am located between Milan (family) and Baden (work) near Zurich.

Please share any experience that can be useful.

Try LASA in piacenza.

They’ve serviced my Nait 5 with good result. Responsive and quick.

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Thank you @Ardbeg10y, I sent them an email.


Fast reply from LASA and I should make a little test and/or send the CD5i to them. I will see to it during the weekend.

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It is only the right channel that has died, so I just did some experiments following LASA advice, using different cables from CD5i to SuperUniti.

The results are as follows:

5-pin DIN > 5-pin DIN = Right off, Left ok
5-pin DIN > RCA = Right ok, Left ok
RCA > 5-pin DIN = Right ok, Left ok
RCA > RCA = Right ok, Left ok

I think this demonstrates the fault is in the CD5i, not in the SuperUniti.

Or could it be that the fault is in the DIN-DIN cable?

I only use RCA I found the grey Naim one was deaf in comparison. :+1:t2:

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Yes, it could be very much the cable. To check is a matter of few minutes.

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When you turn the cable around, does the working channel change?

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I had the same problem with my CD5X a few months ago - the right channel was dead and it was the DAC that had gone. Went back to Naim with a quick turnaround. I think the cost with tax was £600 but I am in the UK.

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Ah! This is the trick to understand if the fault is in the cable!

I will try after Easter.

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There is a possibility the fault is in the cable, so I bought a very reasonable cable (6,54 EUR) in the hope that I can save the money of sending the box for repair.

Will check after Easter.


My new cable arrived and indeed the old DIN-DIN cable is faulty. The case is closed.

For the money you saved me, I should fly to your place and pay for a drink.

Many thanks,


I’ll be in Milano first week of May - if you are around there …

It’s not rare. Usually soldering off. About 20 minutes to fix.

My opportunity to buy a Weller!

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The debt must be settled.

I would have a question, if anybody can please help.

I would like to open the CD5i. I see a plastic pin that I believe needs to be extracted in order to slide the cover away.

This pin has to be cut or it can be extracted with pliers?

If cut, where can I buy new ones?

Thank you.

Do you mean the little plastic plug on the underside of the chassis? If so, this can be easily removed with tweezers. The hole is there to allow access to the locating bolt on the top of the cover. This must be loosened slightly so the cover can be slid off. If you’re unsure what you’re doing here I would recommend you leave this job to LASA as it’s all too easy to get this wrong and damage the cover.

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Exactly the answer I needed. Many thanks.

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