Cd5si cd drawer tray adjustment

I have a cd5si,which requires a slight adjustment to the cd tray which is slightly low on the left hand side corner, needs about 1/16th of an inch pulling up to look more or less central. I did put this question to forum before but the gentleman that replied didn’t have access to his mac files at the time and could not be sure on adjustment.
I did contact Naim and a spokesman said to tighten the right hex{allen?} bolt where there is one on left and one behind, but to loosen a bolt between them,but all I have is a hole! behind the 3 bolts are 4 more bolts,what do I do?anybody?

The hole is to release our tighten the bolt that secures the fascia to the lid - do not touch this as the zinc magnesium metalwork can be easily dimpled if you over tighten by mistake.

It’s been many years since I’ve adjusted the drawer so I’d hate to get it wrong. I think the contact at Naim was talking about the three bolts on the pivot. Do you have a picture of the underneath you could post?

Thanks for reply, Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that! my phone is basic for calls and txts. I may ring Naim again, I guess they are in shut down at present, but somebody on the forum may have the answer! I don’t want to touch anything without being sure!

Ah OK, I was just hoping to have a picture so it’s easier to identify which bolts you can use to adjust and which to leave well alone.

Otherwise, perhaps @NeilS can help.

Let me start by saying that if you should choose to make any adjustments to the tray alignment - you do so entirely at your own risk!
I’d also advise that if you are a perfectionist & think to yourself “it’s very nearly right, but I’ll just tweak this” don’t do it! You can easily end up opening a can of worms, resulting in endless frustration.

I’ll try to explain how the arrangement works to give you an understanding of what you need to do:
Looking at the underside of the unit, there are three cap headed hex bolts arranged in a triangle around a small hole in the chassis. There is a shaft inside around which the tray pivots, screwed into the bottom of the shaft is a dome headed screw, the domed head of that screw mates with the hole in the chassis & allows a small amount of 360 degree adjustment of shaft. The three screws in a triangle govern the position of the shaft. When this position has been set, the dome head screw is then turned anti-clockwise to lock the head against the chassis. (The action of doing this ultimately throws the fine adjustment out a touch, so there is a degree of trial & error involved).

Now that I’ve made it sound ridiculously complex, often, if the tray is only slightly low at the handle end, you can get away with tweaking the screw (circled in red) clockwise, without releasing the pressure via the screw in the hole (by turning clockwise). But do not apply too much torque! I’ve also marked the chassis hole with an arrow.
Always make adjustments with the unit the correct way up, with the front overhanging a table etc.
Don’t adjust any other screws!

Be lucky!


Thanks so much Neil!
That is crystal clear advice! their is no way I will adjust anything accept for the one circled in red! I will update when I have had a go.

Perfect. Thanks Neil. Just the picture that was needed, and well explained.

Great news! I have adjusted the drawer and its perfect! Thanks for the help and advice guys.

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