CD5si Compatability

Hi again, Interested in a CD5si to replace my UDPLX500 player but still retaining its video capabilities(Pioneer).CD5si will perform the audio side of things.Would this CD5si be happy paired with a Nac 252/Nap 250DR combination or will one element outshine the other. What are your thoughts on this.

CD5SI lives here with a Supernait 3 and full Klimax LP12.
Very capable and enjoyable CDP probably the best I’ve had and great to know it has a serviceable life ahead if need be.
It’s a chunky machine with no frills but does the job superbly. :sunglasses: :+1:t2:

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Thanks Skeptical,
Thats reassuring to hear,

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Ive owned dvd players since they came out in around 1997 and bluray players since around 2007 and have regularly upgraded them when better players got released and now on a 4K Panasonic UDB 9000 bluray player but none of them sound as good as playing CDs on a good mid priced or better dedicated CD player in my experience which is why I still have a dedicated cd player in my main system.
Ive played universal disc players using cd via analogue out and digital out and they have not been as good as a good cd player on either analogue or digital outputs, they are convenient if you are limited for physical space and cant have bofh types of players but I would have a dedicated cd player any time if you can fit it into your system.
I have well over 3000 cd’s so spinning discs is always in my future as I have no time or the patience to rip them all to digital files, its really no trouble to get out of my chair pick a cd and pop it in the cd player its all very easy and simple.

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Like @Skeptikal I have cd5si paired with Supernait 3.
My first Naim product. My cheapest Naim product.
Excellent sq. solidly built with no frills. You have to go a long way up the ladder to improve on imo


Hi @igahman
Just a tweak I’ve mentioned before but really consider trying the RCA connections on the CDP you have to select the output on the remote but the difference between RCA and the din is really obvious for the better.
Even a cheapo set try. :wink: :+1:t2:
I use linn Silvers on everything.

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I find changing interconnects an ordeal but I will keep that in mind next time I tinker.
Am interested to know in what way you thought it sounded better

You have to hear it to believe it.
I was going to change all of my interconnects to “ din “ and had ordered all the bits from my dealer to do it.
I soon cancelled.
I tried out of curiosity when I put the CDP in new with the SN 3. :scream: :+1:t2:

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The question was « will the cd5i be happy paired with a 252/250? « .
It will work, but the 252/250 deserves much more, a Cdx2 bare at minimum. So « happy paired « , no.


Thanks for the direct answer to my question.Its certainly food for thought.I,ve read plenty of reports that basically say the older CD models will run into spare parts/servicing difficulties in the long term if not now.How concerned should I be with this,particularly as I only want a standalone player and will not entertain a streamer.

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Really? Why?
Streamers and cd players running alongside each other are a great combination.


I would agree, entry level CD5i/Si has place in entrylevel setup, not higher.

The higher hierarchy Naim CD players would probably match much better (CDX2/CDS3 etc), but all now discontinued and shortage parts - with a possible doorstop scenario I’d look elsewhere.

I went to Rega Saturn which bettered my CDX2 substantially.
There’s a new Hegel Viking upcoming and Roksan do some interesting players too.

Thanks PerF for the heads up.CD longevity seems to be my concern with the Naim.Thats the issue with all the CDX range which is a shame.But the Rega Saturn has interested me so it could be the one to go for.

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Every CDP manufacturer is at the mercy of the optical laser mechanism manufacturers.
I opted for brand new Naim as a minimalist robustly built machine with a warranty we can’t ask for more than that. :thinking:

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Be aware that many here classify the cd5si based on hearsay and the place in the hierarchy. I’ve auditioned a hicap back in the days feeding a SuperNait 2 and the source was a lowly cd5si. The hicap benefit to the SuperNait was very obvious. It’s certainly not the best cd player Naim ever made but if you’re in for an all Naim system / warranty etc … the cd5si can be a good bet.


As another data point on the lower end Naim CD players. An interesting demo I had was my own CD5 playing through my own freshly serviced NAIT 3, a NAIT 5i and a pre/power setup that I suspect was 202/200.

Every step showed the CD5 sounding better. It was dramatically different between NAIT 3 and the pre/power, and very enjoyable through the latter. It didn’t seem to me to expose weaknesses in the source.

I’m sure the 5si is worth a listen/demo - not much to lose apart from an hour or so listening to good music 8)

I moved to a CEC CD5 when my CDS3 started skipping again and Naim could not repair. I tried the Rega Planet, Cyrus CDI, Cyrus CDXR, and finally CEC. All sounded good with my Naim system but could not match the CDS3/ 555PS.

Spot on. I’m very happy with mine feeding an SN3
To be honest, I have always struggled to hear significant differences between CD players


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