Cd5si disabled buttons

Dear all, by some reason my cd5si buttons have been disabled, can anyone give me a hand with this?

Hello and welcome.
On the remote or the front ?
You might have gone into “pre” mode on the remote.
If I remember correctly this means the buttons only engages an amplifier.
I sometimes found the logic circuits had a flap. Needing a full power down. Sometimes after several attempts.
Failing that a stern look and pointing to the door could get it motivated :innocent:

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately the problem is with the buttons on the front, none of them work, I’ll try the door solution but I doubt it will work! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would try @TOBYJUG advice of powering off the player, leaving it for a minute or two and then powering it back up again and see if that gets your buttons working again.

Thanks James but that doesn’t work either, there has to be some sort of button configuration to enable them…

Very strange. Sounds like one for @Richard.Dane


I’m not that familiar with the CD5Si as it’s rather after my time and AFAIK uses different software to the Philips mech equipped players. Possibly @NeilS would have a clue?


Can you provide some more info please?
Are any of the buttons lit up?
Do any of the buttons light when pressed?
Is the numerical display working?
Does the player read discs ok?
Is it responding to the remote?


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Hi Nail, the buttons lit up with the remote, if I press them on the front panel nothing happens. Numerical display works and the player works perfectly with the remote, it looks like if some kind of parental control was on to disable the buttons.

Done, performed a reset by pressing stop while switching it on with no cd inside, thanks to you all for your help!

Well that sounds curious. I’m not aware of any function that disables the buttons.
The hard reset procedure is to switch on with the front panel stop button held.
Otherwise, you are looking at a hardware fault.


Thanks Nail, hope it’s not a malfunction, keep you informed if it happens again.


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