CD5si playback issue?


I have the above player and it has suddenly started dropping out during CD playback. It reads discs every time but will suddenly (and randomly) just stop playing and the display drops back to showing total track numbers? I replaced the laser optical unit yesterday and initially it played every disc I threw at it but when I came to use it today, it’s reverted back to randomly stopping during playback… Is there anything else I can look for/try?



I would strongly suggest you contact your Naim dealer or Naim’s service dept. so the player can be checked over.

Just a thought: ‘puck’ replacement (or a bit of a clean)?


This will not make any difference with a CD5Si, the puck does not slip or wear out like they did of old. More than likely the player needs sending back to the dealer/Naim.

The clamp won’t make any difference the mech is failing been there with my CDS3 last year

Hi all

Had the same thing with my 5i some time ago, did have to give the puck a clean, after getting the Mech replaced, due to ‘lack of use’ - I’d found ‘streaming’. I’ve tried the 5i occasionally since, but it sounds nowhere near as good as the NDX.
Hope the OP gets it sorted, but it seems, from his post, he’s already replaced the Mech :thinking:

Thanks for all the replies. looks like it may have to go back to Naim for investigation.

Sounds like you have exactly the same troubles with the CD5si as I have with mine. I DHL’ed my unit to our domestic service center today, I’ll post an update when I hear from them.

It’s a bit troubling that the CD5si, appearantly, has reader issues so soon after production.

Unfortunately it’s always been the way with laser mechanisms. Some are dead out of the box, some die during soak testing (which is there to try to root out the weak), some will die young, most will live a reasonable life (5-7 years), some will live much longer than that. It’s just not possible to tell which will do what.

Mister Tweed, did you get clarification from the distributor on your warranty?

I appreciate this is absolutely no help to the OP, but I daily give thanks that my CDX2’s mech still seems to be going perfectly well after 19 years (touch much wood). I am very cognisant of how lucky I seem to be.


@Richard.Dane, I DHL’ed the player to the Swedish distributors (Instereo) service center yesterday, on their request, and they will have a look at it.

Regarding warranties, I spoke to the shop I bought it from adain about what I’ve learned here about warranties, EU consumer rights directives on so on; and I’m not pleased about their response, so far. Basically, I got warranty mumbo jumbo tossed at me.

However, I’ll wait for word from the distributor and take it from there. I just want the player fixed, how and by whom is not important.

Stay tuned.

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