Cd5si question

I have a Cd5si and on the back it has the din and RCA output, the manual says not to use these at the same time, yet the manual also show how to set it up so both can be used…at the same time !

Is this said for sonic reasons or will it blow up ?

You can use both at the same time, if need be, but it does sound best when only one is chosen, DIN being preferred over RCA Phono.

Thanks Richard, it just seems a tad odd to say “dont use these at the same time” followed by “here is how you can use these at the same time” but thanks for the info.

Well, under the output connection picture it says

Note: RCA phono and DIN output
sockets should not be connected

Not “must not”.

And in 13.4 Output Socket Selection:

To avoid compromised sound quality, do not select both
unless their simultaneous use is unavoidable.

Ok, understood but to me the reason of why they should not be used at the same time, should have
been stated right there, rather than leaving someone guessing.

Yes, the manuals are quirky sometimes. I am also guilty of not finding things in them, or misinterpreting.

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