CD5SI stops playing and shows double dashes

My CD5SI suddenly stopped playing and the display shows 2 lightning dashes. The puck looks good.
Doesn’t matter which cd I put in the drawer, it doesn’t read the cd anymore. I turned in off and on and checked the cables, doesn’t help too. I tried to reset the player while holding the play (and stop) button while turning it on, but nothing happens.

The player is from November 2020.
Is there anything else I can try?

When you close the drawer with a disc clamped in place does it spin up at all, or does nothing happen?

It spins when I open the drawer

OK thanks. Just wanted to check that the little magnet that detects when the drawer is closed is still in place.

Unless someone like @NeilS has some other ideas, it does unfortunately sound like the mech has failed. It’s always a possibility with a laser mechanism. The good news though is that I would guess your unit is still within its initial warranty period, so i would get in touch with your supplying Naim dealer and tell them about the issue so they can arrange for it to be fixed.

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Thanks Richard, I think it’s the laser mechanism too. I’ll contact my dealer tomorrow.

I would concur - does sound like a mechanism failure unfortunately.


I’ve send the player to the BeNeLux distributor. It’s under guarantee so it will be repaired.

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Good. Thanks for updating us.

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