CD5SI stops working

Hi. Any ideas- CD5SI has just stopped working
Was playing fine, used the remote to change track, then silence. Tried turning off at mains.
Now, disc loads and track comes up briefly on display, whirring sound then display goes blank, no sound. Disc is spinning though??
Any thoughts before I return for a service?

Has this happened on more than 1 cd?
Try a new puck?

Yes, it does on several. Don’t have a spare puck but could borrow one from dealer I guess. Appreciate response

After the spinning, have you pressed play at/on the CD player? (not with the remote)

Thanks, good point, will do that

Thanks, yes, tried that.

Are you saying that the display goes off but the disc keeps spinning? You can check it’s spinning by opening the CD tray. If so, you have presumably set the display to turn off.

If the disc is still spinning, set the display to be always on. Does the display change when it goes to the next track? If it does, it’s working and you very likely need to change the output from Din to phono or vice versa, depending on which you are using. The players can sometimes swap outputs by themselves.

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Sometimes I try to change track and the remote is on ‘pre’ so it changes input not track.

Thanks, good shout, will try

Just got home and tried, spot on, problem solved. Thank you🍺



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