My system consists of a Nait5SI / CD5SI and Neat Motive 2SX and I’m very pleased with it. However I have the ability to replace the CD5SI with an unserviced CD5X + FLATCAP 2X.
I wonder if the difference between these sources is day and night in favor of the CD5X + Flatcap 2X?
If so, is it necessary to give both a proactive recap?
Or… are the Nait 5SI + CD5SI made for each other?

Massive difference (but CD5X might struggle with future support and spares)
i- range (entry level) are made for each other.

I had the 5X and Flatcap X. Awesome combo. I would service the Flatcap and consider servicing the 5X as this will give you a guaranteed further xx years.

I replaced the 5X/FlatcapX with a CDS3/XPS and although a definite upgrade it was not night and day. Probably the sweet spot imo.

I’d stick with the 5Si. What HiFi? Magazine ranked the 5Si number 4 in it’s fave Naim products of all time list.The transport mech in it is far slicker than what came before it.

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I really enjoyed my CD5x with Flatcap but it was better IMO with a Hicap. Some people prefer the FC, saying that the Hicap makes the CD5x a bit frenetic, but this wasn’t my feeling. Dynamic and involving would be my description. Either way it out-perfoms the CD5i.

Recap of the cd-player is €400, flatcap €290. I really enjoy the nait 5si / cd 5si combo, but I sometimes think I’m missing something because most people are hammering the cd 5si over here…
Maybe I’d better stick with the 5si like Stephen says and listen to music in stead of sound quality…

Sorry no fact for me whatever WAThifi write

Hi EddieB

In your situation I’d probably stick with what you’ve got and enjoy it . Yes the other naim gear you mention will improve SQ but if you’re happy currently then stuck with it

There is also the issue of parts (lasers etc) for CD players these days and not sure how that will pan out over time

You might also need to think about the future and where that might take you - maybe into the world of streaming , but like you I haven’t moved there yet

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Here’s their facts - 9 of the best Naim Audio products of all time | What Hi-Fi?

Sure but I prefer to form my own opinion not by reading magazines

I thought my CD5Si easily matched my ND5 XS 2 when had them both before moving onto an NDX 2. Of course a magazine’s opinion is just that, like all our own here. A CD5X with a flatcap may be ‘a bit’ better but i personally wouldn’t bother with it, not in this current climate. I’ve had a CD3, 5i and CD5Si. The CD5Si is easily best entry player Naim have ever made, and of course they still make it, ten years after it’s launch.


Best to avoid CD5X since the laser mechs cannot be replaced by Naim. CD3 and CD3.5 were excellent sounding entry level players back in the day. I wish my CDS3 was repairable since it was the best sound I have heard in my system!

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Thanks, I’ll stick to the cd5si!!

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I’d rather have a well looked after 2nd hand Merc than a new Dacia… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We had the CD5X and FlatcapXS with a NaitXS for 15 years. Awesome setup with nSats and factory nStands. Exited last year in favor of a SN3 and Chord Qutest with a Roon/MacBookPro front end. The CD5X is a little long in the tooth by now. But very nice, and rocks with the FlatcapXS.

I would keep the 5si, I think the disks are the limiting factor with CD.
Maybe start on the vinyl route?

I prefer cd sound over vinyl.

Surely the choice is between a well looked after second hand E class vs a new C class. Not so easy to decide?? :wink:

Just confirmed by Naim… an E class, but no spare parts. I’ll keep driving the C class.


@EddieB, CD5XS and FCXS I could understand. I bought mine (used) nearly five years ago, and have been very pleased with them.