Well my wife has just noticed that after spending nearly 10K on my upgraded HiFi I no longer have a CD player for the grandkids CD’s …oh really I said …technology has moved on and it’s the way forward I said.
Anyway I used to have a Meridian 604 24bit which sounded very nice indeed. I guess the performance of the CD5si would be close if not better in terms of sound quality ??
Don’t want to spend loads of money, as I am happy streaming from my NEW NDX2

Get something relatively cheap and use the digital out into the NDX2.

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What about ripping the grandchildren’s CDs? That’s what I did for our son. There is one downside though. He now wants his own Muso QB. He’s 6, and he started demanding his Muso a year ago…


HAHA class
Issue I have is my wife is not technical and all she will be able to do is press power / press input and press play and turn the volume up…providing she puts a disk in first that is .
Was thinking a basic CD like the Naim CD5si was the potential way forward.

LOL – point taken. The day before yesterday, my wife tried teaching her mother WhatsApp (well, the Korea version). The emphasis is on “tried”…


She will have to learn to open the swing tray…put on the Naim magnetic puck…and close the tray herself…if you chose the 5si

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High praise indeed for the 5Si. A superb player and i’m sure everyone in your family, including your good self, will thoroughly enjoy listening to it. I shan’t be giving my one up anytime soon. Simple to use and performs consistently with all genres of music. I’ve had a CD3, CD5i, CD5 italic and 5Si, with 5Si for me easily being the best one so far.

Cheers mate
Whats the SQ like ??
I know Naim dont say anything like …its 24bit or whatever

Personally, I don’t think it’s that far behind a ND5 XS 2. Smaller soundstage, more upfront and slightly rougher around the edges, but it’s the way it renders the music that I find so enjoyable. Maybe you can home trial one from your dealer?


Great idea

Just ask your grandkids to show you how Spotify works, they won’t want to bother with CDs :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are not wrong :joy::joy::joy: and she is only two yrs old

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The start of my Naim journey was a CD5si a few years ago matched with a Nait 5si. It was a lovely combination. When I came to sell it on I didn’t loose much either as I bought it as a hardly used demo and made a saving there. SQ of CD5Si is very good and I love the build quality with the pull out tray and puck. It’s a lovely process of putting a CD on.

Moved on since with a lovely but much older CDS2 with XPS.

It all depends.on what you want but I got a few years of real enjoyment from my CD5Si.


A cheap DVD player by Sony for less than $40 new should take care of the kiddies, shouldn’t it?

I admit I had one and liked it for the money. For me, the CD5XS/ X is worth the $ above the CD5i/si, if it is for you to listen to critically.



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Nick, with apologies to Barry, I’m hoping you bought that CD5XS that you had on home dem.


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I’ve fired my CD5Si up today. What a stonkingly musical machine it is. Feet are tapping, arms are swinging and face is grinning. What more could anyone ask for. This is a seriously good machine. Period! :sunglasses:


Any machine that can make the truly dire Bryan Adams even vaguely listenable must have magical powers!


You’re right of course. Now for something much more fitting & illustrious. Don’t worry, my ND5 XS 2 beneath is turned off!

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Its a fantastic machine, however the NDX2 is way better…so far

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Yup, my ND5 XS 2 is way better too. The CD5Si just surprises me every time I fire it up with it’s musicality, yes it’s rougher & cruder than my streamer but good fun nevertheless.

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