Hi everyone
I have a CD5si, and it permanently reports an “Err” error message with most original CDs.
Very few CDs have I been able to listen to until the end.
Do you know why that happens?
Thank you


It sounds like to me that the mech maybe failing. However, one might clean the lens with some isopropyl alcohol if it’s failing anyway? you never know, it may spring back into action. Shame, as I regard the CD5Si player as one of the best source components in the Milky-Way. Hope you can get it sorted soon. Maybe worth e-mailing your local dealer under the current circumstances?

Hi mech failing you have to consider is it worth sending to Naim. They do a fixed service price plan not just repair mech. Also how many mechanism have they got ? What happens in a few years time again. I’m speaking from experience here I sent a CDS3 in for mech lasted 3 weeks and failed error in display so as when its returned I’m trading in for Rega planar 3 had enough of cd it’s not all that good. I’ve had Arcam,3 cyrus cd8se all failed naim cdx2,cds3 had enough

Thank you very much.

I will try, and tell you about the result.
Thank you.

Failing CD puck?

Do you leave it in the machine when not playing CDs ? …you shouldn’t!

The 5si is a (relatively) newish machine
Surprised it’s playing up so soon

Hi, Sorry to read of your problem on what is a fairly new machine.
In normal times your dealer should be able to help you get the unit back to Naim for a repair.
But I gather from @Richard.Dane that the factory is closed. I would say your best hope is that the dealer might be able to lend you a player until such times as normality returns.

Yes, as of last week the factory is closed for the time being during the lockdown. Unfortunately that means that they are unable to do any servicing during this time. Probably best to liaise with your dealer and discuss options.

As Chris said perhaps your dealer could lend you a Uniti Star with inbuilt cd player, could be fun for a few weeks?

That advice only applies to the early players with little rubber rings on the puck. For the later machines with straightforward magnetic pucks it’s perfectly fine to leave them in the player. The key thing is to remove the puck by lifting one edge first, rather than pulling it straight off, as the magnet is pretty strong and it will eventually damage the mechanism beneath.

Thanks HH
Though it still applies for all of them
I never left mine in my 5si …but guess I could have

You don’t rate your CDS3? I’m surprised , it’s a great source and better than a Rega Planar 3. You’d have to aim higher than that to best it IMO.
Many things to go wrong potentially with vinyl too. I treat my kit with kid gloves but over the years the failures I’ve had include cantilever suspensions, PSU’s, bearings and even the diamond stylus tip being present on one side of an LP and gone on the flip side. Never did work out how.

I spoke to Naim’s authorized distributor in Chile, and they consider it to be a mesh failure.
They will change the entire mesh as soon as possible.
Thank you very much for your advice.

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what is “mesh” ?

I think the OP means “mech”.


Steve thanks for reply the planar 3 is a base marker at moment. Cannot compare with planar 6 or better till Doug Brady opens again. However the Cyrus CD8SE were brand new fresh out of box and all 3 refused to read TOC so chopped to go Naim CDX2 then Cds3. Can honestly say I haven’t had the wow factor with them all but have with vinyl. Also as stated in my previous post how long can they be repaired?

Please let us know when you get it back and you are happy again.

Hi omegaman,
I have a CDS3 and it’s the best CDP I’ve heard, though I’m well aware others think differently.
Like you I’ve also worried what will happen when the mech dies but have been told they’re repairable for the forseeable future. That would force me into streaming probably.
I also use a Roksan Xerxes 20+ which edges the CDS3 in ultimate sound quality but the CDP is a very natural, analogue sounding player and is my most used source mainly because I can sit and chill for the whole album rather than just a side. That may sound daft but with a lot of the new releases and reissues they’re double albums with 2 or 3 tracks to a side which I find unsatisfying.
Good luck in your search for a vinyl front end.
Steve O.

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