CD5X digital output to NDX digital input

Would I get any improvement from my CD5X if I fed its digital output into my NDX?
What kind of interconnecting cable would I need?
Would any specific CD transport digital output into the NDX be an improvement on my CD5X output?
Your comments and answers would be very much appreciated.

I had a similar setup for a period of time.

CD5 XS -> Naim DC1 BNC fo BNC -> ND5 XS2 -> Hi-Line DIN to DIN -> Supernait 2.

I mainly did this as I was still consolidating my CD library to a ripped archive and it also meant only needing one Hi-Line IC to the SN2.
Both sounded pretty good to my ears both the CD direct as well as acting as a transport through the ND5 XS2. I probably slightly prefered the output from the ND5 XS2 but not a lot in it realistically.
After a few months I was using the ND mostly to the point where the CD transport was ultimately redundant.
I had the space and cabling to try it out, it worked and did the job but didn’t stay that way for long and I’ve not found a need or desire to add the CD player back in again.

Theoretically should do. NDX is equivalent to the CDX2, a stage above the 5 series. Due to a more beefier power supply regulation and complex output stages.
Whether that translates as a better music communicator in your system could be a different matter.

The CD5x didn’t have a digital out, that came with the xs.

That’s pretty fundamental…

Yes, I have mistaken the RC5 input for a digital out, Thanks.
Would a Cyrus transport output be compatible with the NDX?

Yes, so long as the transport outputs either optical ( toslink), coax or BNC.

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