Cd5x no digital out

Hi there
Is it possible to have a digital ( coaxial) out fitted to my cd5x to enable me to run though my dac
Thanks in advance

Discussing modifications to Naim kit is against forum rules…

I sort of assumed the OP was asking if there was a Naim approved mod that could be applied at Salisbury.

I think the answer is buy a cd5 xs.
But you never know…

The CD5XS, successor to your CD5X, has an SPDIF out, and for the CDX2 is was an optional upgrade. You could always ask Naim if it would be possible, although it might be easier to trade it in for a CD5XS.

Thanks guys . Upgrade upgrade upgrade :joy:

Yes, we like spending other people’s money here! Realistically, even if Naim are able to do the mod for you, it might well be cheaper to buy a used CD5XS and sell the CD5X.


Salisbury used to make the irreversible modification on demand although it was a bit more common on the CDX2. Since it costed about 650£, the obvious alternative indeed is to upgrade to a recent CD5 XS for which the trade will be lower.

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One issue the OP may find, is actually finding a Naim CDP with the SPDIF output.
Only ( from memory) did 2 machines come with it. And it’ll not be cheap to find a cdx2.2. Which is why i ended up with a cd5xs. The Naim SPDIF output is BNC also.
Even then expect to pay upwards of £1200 for a cd5xs.

IIRC this was only available on the CDX2 and once the mod was done, you could only use it as a digital transport.

Is your DAC the Naim DAC? (Might be a mistype in your profile?) If so, an early review of the nDAC by a dealer, on the old forum, rated the CD5XS/nDAC above the CDX2. Not all woukd agree, but it does indicate the quality of the combination. If budget allows, it’s well worth going for, speaking from experience.


I enjoy my cd5xs via dc-1 into my ndx2.
It makes 35 year old cds sound as good as i have heard them.

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I had the 5XS on NDS/555DR for a few years before I moved to Core/ND555.
One of, if not the most exquisite replay of CDs I ever experienced.

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