CD5X or CD Transport and NDX

Would I get any improvement from my CD5X if I fed its digital output into my NDX?
Would any specific CD transport digital output into the NDX be an improvement on my CD5X output?
Your comments would be very much appreciated.

Have you tried it?
What did you think?
There’s your answer Pepiva

No, I have not tried it. I was just wondering whether it was a sensible thing to try.
What kind of Naim interconnecting cable would I need to purchase?

I don’t have that CD player, but I’m not sure it has a digital out? The streamer has a bnc dig in.
I thought the 5xs was the CD player with a digi out.

Better post this question in the Hifi corner, you’ll get more responses there.

It’s as Neil say, the CD5x doesn’t have digital out.

Yes, my mistake.

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