Cd5xs + dac

I have these 2 together but, it seems they are discontinued? Have not kept up with new products evolution for a while. Out of curiosity how will the CD5XS + DAC combo go down in NAIM history?

Does it really matter? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

They won’t just go down, ever. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Chag -

The dac made Naim history when it came out. After Eons holding the torch that digital was best done by separating such like with its power supply - when they caught up with the rest of the world - the world was flabbergasted. Naim flipped that flat earth proper.

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CD5XS and nDAC make for a good combination.
What will lift it to another level is a PSU on your nDAC - it does make a signifciant difference.

Is it the XPS which would do justice to the DAC ? I have a bit of a problem in my head spending more on a PS than the cost of the component it will feed

Having tried it, I would suggest looking for a 2nd hand 555PS (non-DR). This is what I needed up with.

In which case consider a discontinued XP5XS.

I demmed one as a supply on my one time CDX2 against an XPS. The XP5XS offered about 4/5 of the performance of the latter for relatively little cost.

I ran CD5XS/nDAC as my front end for several years (admittedly with XPSDR) and thoroughly enjoyed it. For my tastes in music, even without a PS, I preferred the combo to the CDX2 and was not alone in this.


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