CD5xs + Flatcapxs + NAC202 + headline connections


What is correct/best connection for CD5xs + Flatcapxs + NAC202 + headline?
Which power output is best for the CD5xs, A or B? (Manual shows B but no suggested signal output).
And then should the signal into the NAC202 be direct from the cd5 via 5pin-5pin cable or from the flatcap xs via a 4pin-5pin cable from signal out A, B, C or D?
Obviously, headline will be powered from which ever A or B power out is not being used by the CDxs.


They’re both essentially the same on the Flatcap 2xs. Signal from the CD5xs goes directly from CD5xs into the NAC202 via the lavender grey DIN interconnect.

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Thank you Richard; one other thing I meant to ask, on said grey DIN cable, is it directional i.e. should green collar be at CD end or pre-amp end?


Yes, it’s directional. The banded collar should always be at the music source end, so in this case nearest to the CD5xs.

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