CdD Player for Uniti Atom

I’m thinking of adding a CD player to my set up of Pro Ject TT, Uniti Atom and Kef LS50 Meta speakers. If I went for a CDTransport such as an AUDIOLAB 6000CDT can I run it straight into the Atom or do I need a DAC and if so can anyone recommend one.

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The atom has both optical and coax digital inputs so no dac is required.

Thanks Robert.

I use this combo with my Kef LS50 Meta speakers and it’s honestly some of the best CD replay I’ve ever heard

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I’m booking an audition of my setup with this Audiolab next week. Just need to dig out a few CDs that’ll show what it can do.

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I use(d) the Audiolab 6000CDT with my Atom. Outstanding. You won’t be disappointed.

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Glad to another person has joined the Forum. Many thanks for replying, there’s nothing like first hand opinion.

If slot loading is a concern, re scratching etc, then I can highly recommend the Cambridge CXC transport.

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Tangent CD II player. Slot. It has optical out. Less than £200. 195mm wide. Black colour.

Cyrus make some decent Cd Transports and nice and compact as well

Can you spot any differences on a transport?

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